A One-of-a-Kind, Women’s CBD Wellness Company Founded by Scientific Experts 

Hayward, California, UNITED STATES

Hayward, California, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

Ladykind launched on August 2nd, 2021, unveiling targeted CBD wellness, self-care, and skincare products that provide natural, universal relief for women experiencing cramps, muscle aches, sleep deprivation, brain fog, and dry skin. Our science-led, THC-free formulations use only the purest, high-quality ingredients to guide women to enjoy their own unique journey of womanhood from the cycles of menstruation through menopause. We also understand that skincare is essential to self-care.  That is why we at Ladykind are launching a skincare line designed to enhance your skin’s glow and hydration starting with our latest skincare product, the Hydro Glow Radiance Booster. We strive to eliminate the shame, stigma, and secrecy around womanhood.  Ladykind is here to empower women to embrace their journey through womanhood with gusto, providing a sustainable solution to promote a better quality of life.   

Brought to life by a first-generation Indian American family of doctors, chemists, and ingredient experts, the Dhatt family invites all women to join the conversation to support, normalize and celebrate the power of women in all cycles and stages of womanhood. 

Consciously made from Farm to Formula, with ingredients that you can easily pronounce, Ladykind’s CBD wellness and self-care products use customized formulas to maximize CBD results. Our in-house lab, backed by a medical advisory board, and independent third-party testing company ensure you enjoy only the purest, quality CBD wellness products.  We take pride in using only the highest quality of vitamins, minerals, herbs and adaptogens to maximize CBD’s wide range of benefits.  Producing the highest quality products that our customers love and trust is the reason why we work with independent, third-party labs to retest and verify that our CBD contains only pure, active ingredients, free from THC, pesticides, and other impurities.  Our products are vegan, gluten-free and do not contain GMOs, phthalates, parabens, and sulfates.   

Environmentally friendly and thoughtfully packaged in recycled materials such as sugar cane paper to reduce waste.  We are ‘Leaping Bunny’ certified for clean and cruelty-free sustainable products, using organic-when-possible.  We partner with farms that are committed to regenerative agriculture and responsible energy consumption. The Ladykind brand guarantees traceability from farm to formula because you deserve only the best! Ladykind embraces the powerful, sacred nature of what it means to be a woman by providing natural, one-of-a-kind wellness, self-care, and skincare products to enhance the beautiful essence of womanhood.   

Available at: www.ladykind.com  

Ladykind – A New Way, For A Better Day 


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