Albertans save a total of $400M during Servus Big Share™ Contest, one wins $1M

Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

EDMONTON, Alberta, June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Servus Credit Union is pleased to announce that its members saved a combined total of $400 million during this year's Servus Big Share Contest, which ran from January 1 to April 30, 2022. Now in its fourth year, the contest and its one-million-dollar prize are designed to encourage Albertans to save money and ultimately adopt healthy habits, resulting in their increased financial fitness and overall wellness.

"Through running this contest at Servus and bringing awareness to our members around saving money we have seen our members save $400 million during this period," says Ian Burns, President and CEO of Servus Credit Union. "Servus is deeply invested in the financial fitness of our members and making sure they are developing healthy habits.”

As the first of its kind in Canada, The Servus Big Share Contest offers individuals, businesses, and non-profits the chance to earn an entry for every $500 increase to their savings balances at Servus. Each year one contest winner is drawn; however, every participant benefits from increasing their savings, in addition to sharing in Servus's annual profits in the form of Profit Share® Rewards cash each December.

"This is something I look forward to every year, we're excited to be sharing the one-million-dollar prize with one lucky member," says Burns. "We hope that everyone who participated in Servus Big Share feels good about the money they saved over the contest period. On average each of our 380,000 members have saved $1053 during this contest. Saving on this scale is a big achievement and as Servus members, they'll likely benefit from this work again when they earn Profit Share Rewards cash later this year."

Alberta's newest millionaire

The one-million-dollar winner of this year's Servus Big Share Contest are Weithold and Irma Luck, residents of Edmonton. The Lucks were notified over the phone by Servus's Chief Operating Officer, Dion Linke, and were shocked to learn they had won.

Watch the Luck's reaction as Ian Burns shows them an updated bank balance:

"We are totally grateful to this organization. This is something we could never imagine in a million years. We are very grateful from the bottom of our hearts," says Irma Luck.

When asked about what they will do with their winnings, Weithold Luck responded by saying: "we're going to support our granddaughter's education, she's going into University next fall, and help our daughter and son-in-law out."

Both retired, the Lucks have been Servus members since 1989 and won on an early Profit Share Rewards cash entry. All Servus members earn Profit Share Rewards cash based on the amount of business they do with the credit union. Servus gives away millions in cash every year, including $54 million in 2021.

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