Festi hf.: Nomination Committee seeks candidates for the Board of Directors of Festi hf.

Kopavogi, ICELAND

The nomination committee of Festi hf. hereby requests nominations or candidates for the company's board for Festi's shareholders' meeting to be held on 14 July.

The role of the nomination committee is to prepare and make a proposal regarding candidates for the election of the company's board. The aim shall be for the board to be composed at all times in such a way that it has diverse knowledge and experience beneficial to the company for decision making and supervision in the environment in which the company operates at any given time. When making a proposal for the election of board members in Festi, the nomination committee shall look at competence, experience and knowledge, e.g. with regard to guidelines on corporate governance and the outcome of the board's performance evaluation.

Board members must also meet the conditions set out in the company's articles of association and the Act on Public Limited Companies, cf. the provisions of Article 66 of the Public Limited Companies Act no. 2/1995. The rules of procedure of the nomination committee, the company's articles of association and other documents are available on Festi's website.

Attention is drawn to the fact that special conditions apply to the board members of Festi due to the company's settlement with the Competition Authority dated July 30, 2018. Candidates can familiarize themselves with the conditions on the Competition Authority's website where they are accessible without confidential information.

Nominations or candidacies are requested to be submitted to the nomination committee on special forms together with a CV before 10.00 on 28 June 2022 to the e-mail address tilnefningarnefnd@festi.is.

The data can be accessed at www.festi.is/r/adalfundir