Catheon Gaming announces to bring the world’s first “compete-to-earn” football game - Goal Champs- on the blockchain

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Catheon Gaming (“the Company”), the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company, announced today to bring the world’s first “compete-to-earn” PvP football title, Goal Champs, to the blockchain.

Based on real physics, Goal Champs is a stylized, action football game developed by Team Battle Sports,  one of Asia’s leading action sports game studios, and is playable on iOS and Android devices. Development of the game began in early 2020, gameplay and tactics are similar to real football, but adapted for the game’s mobile setting and illustrated in manga/anime style. The game has both PVE and PVP modes and includes a story mode, single matches, tournaments, seasons, and daily quests to suit every player’s need.

Goal Champs is uniquely positioned to tap into multiple major markets: (1) mobile football games; (2) blockchain/“compete-to-earn” games; and (3) eSports.  Sports game is one of the most popular games genres of all time, and the top two mobile football games have been downloaded over 100 Million times. The total revenue in the Sport Games segment is projected to reach US$12.74bn in 2022.

Catheon Gaming actively searches the market for quality games with high entertainment value to bring onto the blockchain. From SolChicks, Seoul Stars, Angrymals and Aotuverse to the recently announced Goal Champs and Prajna Gate, the company’s portfolio has grown from one to nine titles in less than 6 months. The company is expected to reach 15 game titles by the end of the quarter.     

William Wu, Founder of Catheon Gaming said: “We are proud to bring Goal Champs onboard to Catheon Gaming as the world’s first ‘compete-to-earn’ football game. The company strives to build the most diversified blockchain game portfolio in the market, in order to achieve our vision of revolutionizing the way people play, live and earn. Working with Goal Champs' team will expand our horizon and help facilitate our long-term vision."

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Catheon Gaming is the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company globally. The company's flagship franchise, SolChicks, entered the market following successful fundraising from various venture capital investors, institutions, and launchpad partners. The company brings technical, gaming, and marketing expertise together with deep roots in the blockchain industry. The company’s strategy is to partner with leading game developers and IP-holders to incubate and launch “best-in-class” blockchain games and bring them to the widest possible audience.

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