eCom Babes Releases Product Pipeline to Help Female Online Store Owners Sell More

eCom Babes is the world’s leading educational platform and support community helping women succeed with online boutiques. Their new product pipeline determines which products sell best online.

Dorda, Puerto Rico,

Dorda, Puerto Rico, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One of the biggest eCommerce hurdles is knowing which products to sell. Now, eCom Babes, the world’s #1 educational platform for female eCommerce entrepreneurs, is demystifying that process with their cutting edge pipeline that helps retailers know which products are selling the best online.

After years as a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, Cortney Fletcher launched eCom Babes in 2018. She was concerned by the lack of resources for female entrepreneurs as well as the high barriers to entry in the industry. She decided to create a support structure with what is now one of the world’s only female-focused online eCommerce training programs supported by a robust Facebook community. To date, she has helped 10,000 female founders launch and scale successful online boutiques.

eCom Babes focuses on two barriers that traditionally keep women out of eCommerce: the heavy upfront investment in inventory and the need to feed pricey pay–per-click advertising campaigns to get noticed online. Its solution to these two problems is a unique strategy known as “connective eCommerce.” This innovative method relies on a proprietary combination of affiliate marketing and sourcing products without needing to pay for inventory to take the hassles and financial risks out of online retail.

“Our product pipeline will be just one more revolutionary way that we are supporting our community of female entrepreneurs,” said Cortney. “We hone in on the top-trafficked online stores and then determine which of their products are selling best. This allows our sellers to leverage this success.”

The pipeline is backed by a full research team and cutting edge software that take the guesswork out of inventory selection.

“As we’ve piloted the pipeline, it has been driving up sales significantly for our community members,” said Cortney. They’re able to hone in on the most profitable inventory items and avoid wasting time with things that won’t sell as well. Our competition isn’t doing anything like this, and it’s making all the difference in helping our sellers buildup to that six figure mark.”

Cortney mentors her eCom Babes members through weekly Q&A sessions and a tight knit Facebook community with more than 4,500 members from nearly 50 industries.

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