Avesha Open Sources KubeSlice, a Unified Platform for Managing Multi-Tenancy and Multi-Cluster Kubernetes

With Adoption by Telcos, Enterprises and MSPs including Phillip Van Heusen, ThreatWarrior and Tory Burch, KubeSlice Simplifies Managing and Optimizing Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes for Multi-Cloud, Edge, and 5G Use Cases

Bedford, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Bedford, MA, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KubeSlice, a Kubernetes-native platform for multi-tenancy and observability from Avesha, has been released as open source. KubeSlice is in use today by organizations such as Phillip Van Heusen (PVH), ThreatWarrior and Tory Burch, to manage and optimize Kubernetes workloads for multi- and hybrid-cloud, SaaS, Edge, and 5G use cases. Now, as an open source project, it is free to use and contribute to by the broader Kubernetes ecosystem. 

“Kubernetes multi-tenancy is difficult to achieve, yet remains a critical need for cloud native businesses due to greater operational efficiencies, better management of resources, and the need to control costs and cloud waste. We wanted to share KubeSlice with the community to bring even more contributors into the project and fast-track progress in Kubernetes networking and multi-tenancy,” said Prasad Dorbala, Chief Product Officer, Avesha. “We believe that KubeSlice is the most comprehensive solution for multi-tenancy and multi-cluster management problems in the market and looks forward to expanding the community around it.”

KubeSlice enables isolation and multi-tenancy effortlessly by creating “Application Slices”— which act as virtual clusters over any infrastructure. Applications on a Slice are fully isolated, stay within the resources allocated to the Slice and can communicate freely with other apps on the Slice regardless of where they physically are deployed. As a result, KubeSlice makes the networking between applications easy and seamless, and further supports functions such as namespace and RBAC access controls, fine-grained segmentation and isolation capabilities, automatic service discovery, service export, traffic prioritization, and much more.

KubeSlice is suited for a range of Kubernetes and cloud native use cases that require isolation and is designed to remove complexity, cost, and operational overhead associated with Kubernetes environments. SaaS and Edge service providers use KubeSlice to create a slice per customer or team to enable isolation for cost efficiency and resource management. Hybrid cloud companies offer the ability to burst from cloud to the data center, or from the data center to cloud with seamless and easy hybrid cloud application connectivity. For multicloud observability and governance, KubeSlice can further connect workloads between multiple clouds, whether for governance or by acquisition, with a single pane of glass and uniform policy sharing across clouds.

KubeSlice Community and End User Quotes: 

Abi Sachdeva, CTO, Tory Burch: “In retail, we aim to provide exceptional experience to our customers and a technology like KubeSlice that manages and scales modern, digital customer-facing cloud applications is very relevant to us.  Avesha’s approach to multi-tenancy and multi-cluster visibility and management for enterprise Kubernetes deployments is impressive. We’re excited to see  the open source version of KubeSlice and how the community adopts the platform."

Matt Klein, Lyft: “I'm excited to see Avesha open source their KubeSlice project and I wish them the best. It’s an interesting set of capabilities that adds latency awareness, multi-tenancy, & isolation in single or multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments. I'm excited to see how the project grows over the coming months with wider community adoption.” 

William Caban, Global Telco Chief Architect, Red Hat: "KubeSlice has an interesting approach to multi-cluster slicing. In particular, the QoS, rate-limit, and latency awareness capabilities enable a rich set of advanced use cases for applications deployed across multiple clusters. Looking forward to seeing the KubeSlice open-source community grow through community contributions."

Additional Resources: 

The free and open source distribution of KubeSlice is now available for download at https://github.com/kubeslice. Customers seeking a SaaS enabled KubeSlice platform with enterprise support, a management UI and additional observability and security isolation capabilities can sign up for a free trial with the contributing vendor Avesha at https://avesha.io

About Avesha: 

Avesha enables software-defined & cloud native multi-tenant application infrastructure, giving enterprise customers and SaaS providers the ability to create secure application slices across one or more physical Kubernetes clusters. Avesha is the creator and maintainer of KubeSlice, an open source solution that reduces management overhead and cloud costs while seamlessly handling network communications, security, compliance, and data governance behind the scenes. It was founded in 2019 and is based in Bedford, MA. To learn more please visit https://avesha.io/.


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