Verzuz by Triller’s R&B Event From Los Angeles Owns the Audience and the Conversation

Over 5,000,000 people tuned in, engaging in more than 6,900,000 comments and votes, and #VERZUZ Trended Number 1 on Twitter.

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Triller, the AI-powered open garden platform for creators, announced that last Thursday night’s Verzuz R&B battle between Omarion and Mario was one of the most engaged audiences in its history and has actively energized the Verzuz fan base.

Over 5 million people tuned in on the Triller app,,, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Google’s YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch to witness R&B legends Omarion and Mario, and an action-packed bonus matchup created another history-making Verzuz. The social conversation alone was worthy of note as over 6,900,000 comments were made throughout the 4.5 hours, including by hip hop legend SnoopDog and global brands like Cheesecake Factory and Wendy’s, joining the online chat.

Verzuz by Triller utilizes the Triller creator tools to supercharge its brand, engage its audience, and create value for everyone, from the artists, the fans, and Verzuz itself. Triller’s creator tools like Cliqz and were weaved into the Verzuz experience, and our fans got access to the playlist and deeper information on the artists. Additionally, these artists developed direct one-to-one relationships with their audiences, giving them greater engagement and agency over how, when, and where they can directly engage with their audience.

“Triller’s mission is to put creators on a global stage and attract a massive interactive audience. Last Thursday night, Verzuz by Triller proved yet again the power of our platform to attract and engage fans in a massively immersive experience, in-venue and across every major live streaming service,” said Mahi de Silva, Triller’s Chief Executive Officer. “The Verzuz platform is dynamic and interactive, combining the most exciting music with the power of social media. Where else can fans, celebrities, influencers, and brands come together around a common interest?” added de Silva.

Omarion and Mario had the sold-out Los Angeles crowd on their feet and fans around the globe and their devices throughout their epic performance that included some incredible social and meme-worthy moments that had the entire Internet talking. These two R&B powerhouses from the early 2000s artfully dueled through their deep catalogs, and Tank and Jeremih joined Omarion on the LA stage. The undercard for the main event included Ray J, Bobby V, Sammie, and Pleasure P, and a series of legendary R&B performers joining them on stage.

Triller’s “open-garden” approach enables creators and brands to draw more eyeballs and broader monetization opportunities. This model creates greater awareness and engagement, with more options for creators, content, and commerce. Triller’s technology enables content to be amplified across all physical and digital mediums.

“Real-time consumer engagement is the coin of the realm in the new social world. Tired, old models of DAUs and MAUs are antiquated mechanisms created by Big Social to handcuff creators to their self-serving models. Triller’s purpose is to break those boundaries and create culture. We continue to prove this is the new model for consumer interaction and engagement across the Internet,” said Mahi de Silva, Triller’s Chief Executive Officer. “This Verzuz proves that what people want is accessible, authentic content. The community was on fire last night, and outside of the Super Bowl, no other cultural moment holds the conversation like Verzuz,” added de Silva.

Just like Triller saw after the Verzuz with their Atlanta Verzuz, where 8Ball and MJG vs. UGK went down last month, and the iconic Easter Verzuz, there was renewed engagement with the legendary acts, Triller expects to see an uptick in-stream counts, downloads, monetization and interest with every artist that performed las Thursday night.

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