Gnosis Safe Adds Support for Integral SIZE to Simplify DeFi Trading

Support Enables Seamless, Efficient Multi-Sig Experience for DAOs and Large Order Traders

SAN FRANCISCO, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Integral SIZE, a decentralized exchange (DEX) custom-built for large cryptocurrency trades, today announced its integration with Gnosis Safe, a smart contract multi-signature wallet. The added support from Gnosis Safe provides enhanced multi-signature capabilities for SIZE users, substantially improving the efficiency and security of large order trades. Paired with Gnosis Safe, Integral SIZE delivers seamless DeFi interaction for traders as a one-stop solution for DAOs to store, fund and trade by eliminating price impact and impermanent loss with a 30-minute Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP).

Within DeFi, DAOs continue to emerge as one of the most influential forms of whale trader – executing large order trades to generate passive income for DAO members. However, DAOs still face two massive challenges: storing funds in a secure place and trading assets efficiently. While the first challenge has been solved partially by multi-signature wallets like Gnosis Safe, the majority of DAOs are still using the same DEXs used by retail traders, which do not provide the proper infrastructure to facilitate large trades effectively. CFAMM and the lack of professional market makers also often result in insufficient on-chain liquidity to power DAOs’ big trades. This is evident in cases like Sushi DAO that governs popular decentralized exchange SUSHI. Over the past nine months, $66k of their $11 million dollar trading volume was lost on transaction cost including price impact.

As a result, DAOs pivot to DeFi aggregators. However, aggregator workflow is incompatible with Gnosis Safe, which requires a predefined number of signatures to confirm transactions. Consequently, an estimated 90-95% of these multi-sig trades likely fail due to the signatures required before quoted prices are timed out. 

The Gnosis integration will help Integral SIZE continue to generate massive savings for traders in a safer, more efficient capacity. The added support from Gnosis complements Integral’s workflow seamlessly, helping DAOs and other whale traders massively benefit from being able to easily sign contracts and execute trades in a timely manner. Once signed, the swap is initiated and executed with a 30-minute time-weighted average price. In theory, there will never be an expiration time for the transaction — protecting any and all trade amounts in the most efficient way possible.

SIZE enables DAOs to manage their treasury and on-chain liquidity more efficiently. With Integral’s 30-minute Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP)and zero price impact, SIZE could save traders substantial amounts of money when facilitating larger orders. 

According to an internal analysis carried out by Integral, traders have lost $3.6 million in price impact on a total of $539 million trade of BIT-ETH in the last 9 months. This money can be saved if BitDAO deployed half of their liquidity on SIZE which enables 0 price impact trading for its users. Additionally, DAOs using SIZE don't have to actively manage their liquidity position like they do with Uniswap v3. Integral SIZE provides a one-click liquidity management solution, which ensures DAOs can enjoy concentrated liquidity in a seamless manner.

SIZE also delivers whales the altcoins they want without drawbacks like Miner Extractable Value (MEV) attacks, which add a substantial amount of time to trades. Time is a critical yet underrated factor as MEV bots rely on the ability to execute multiple transactions within one or many subsequent blocks, selling to the trader at the worst acceptable price and removing all easy opportunities for profit.

“We’re thrilled to see Integral SIZE featured on Gnosis Safe,” said an Integral co-founder, under the pseudonym 0xDorsal. “Large traders, whales and DAOs require platforms that are customized to their needs and incorporate the highest functionality. With Gnosis Safe, SIZE delivers exactly that to its users, and continues to ascend as the premier decentralized exchange to executive large order trades.”

In conjunction with the Gnosis Safe integration, Integral has also been selected to the first group of Safe Guardians. This group of select projects represent active members of the Safe community committed to the SAFE ecosystem and protocol, and help drive the adoption of smart contract accounts.

With a 30-minute trade delay, Integral SIZE eliminates that risk, delivering DAOs and whale traders a truly decentralized exchange to facilitate trades free from the most notorious DeFi pitfalls. 

To begin trading on SIZE, please visit:

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Gnosis Safe is the safety standard of Web3 and the most trusted platform to manage digital assets for individuals and communities on EVM-compatible chains. It is a programmable account that enables users to control their digital assets with much more granular permissions, starting with multiple-signature (multi-sig) as the baseline permission. Gnosis Safe stores ~90 billion USD worth of digital assets today.


Integral is a global team of engineers, mathematicians, growth leaders and early crypto investors. Our mission is to establish DeFi as the standard for global trade, ensuring large crypto trades execute on-chain and the future of finance remains decentralized. Integral SIZE is the only DEX focused on executing large orders, giving savvy traders the ability to trade with size on DeFi. With an average order size 3x the leading DEX, Integral SIZE gives crypto traders the ability to execute large orders at 30-min TWAP with ZERO price impact, 100% on-chain.


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