Triller App Usage Surges in Usage Amidst a Call by a FTC Commissioner to Ban TikTok in the U.S.


Triller Outlines a Bold New Vision for Creators, Fans, and Associated Data

Triller app Is surging on iOS and Android, Fueled by Innovation and a call for Scrutiny or Ban of TikTok by Several Governmental Bodies in the United States and Abroad

LOS ANGELES, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Triller, on behalf of all creators and their followers, calls for a declaration of independence from the digital tyranny of TikTok and Chinese-owned ByteDance following our nation's celebration of the declaration of independence from tyranny 246 years ago. The AI-powered open garden platform for creators by creators today announced its bold new vision to re-balance the creator economy. The Triller app is also surging in popularity on iOS and Android in the “Social Video” category due to increased adoption and usage of its foundational short-form video and music discovery app.

“In 2020, when India banned TikTok and the US government was debating a ban of TikTok, we became the number one app in our category in 70 countries,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Triller. “We weren’t fully prepared then, but today, we are a purpose-built platform for creators by creators and proud to put the power back in the hands of creators, away from platforms that operate under nefarious purposes.”

“We have been delighted to see a recent surge in usage in our core app. The addition and adoption of industry firsts like Triller’s simultaneous use of the front and back cameras on your phone, support for creator-specific subscription billing services, live streaming, and cross-platform messaging are putting the power back in the hands of creators. This comes at a time as our competitors atrophy and homogenize; Triller continues to innovate to give every creator the ability to own their audiences and data - and create, distribute, engage and monetize better than anyone else,” added de Silva.

Triller, the platform for creators by creators, has built an integrated platform of creator-first services. It has assembled a revolutionary ecosystem to serve the immediate and long-term needs of those who seek to share their passions with the world. Triller’s focus has been to reset the fundamental imbalance of the creator economy.  While platforms like TikTok chose to suppress the black creative class, Triller established the Assembly of Black Creators and has been at the forefront of promoting the underserved, and more importantly, established a system to showcase, monetize and distribute their efforts and ensure that they are paid fairly for their work.

“Over the last year, we have assembled an industry-first platform through a thoughtful strategy combining in-house innovation and strategic acquisitions. From our acquisition of Verzuz, the iconic cultural phenomenon of hip hop and R&B music, to BKFC, the fastest growing combat sports enterprise, to Fangage, the all-in-one solution to create, operate and control your fan platform, Julius for connecting creators to brands, and Cliqz for cross-platform connections and messaging - each of these businesses was created by a team that saw a problem in the creator economy and built a solution. Every step we have taken has been intentional, and we have come a long way from where we began, but we have kept our rebel spirit,” said de Silva.

Clearly, the Triller platform’s aspiration is making an impressive impact in the marketplace and showcasing creators. Last week, Triller’s Verzuz event engaged over 5,000,000 viewers, generated nearly 7,000,000 interactive comments, and the #verzuz hashtag trended number one on Twitter for hours. Additionally, Triller’s leading AI and machine learning technologies underpin our creator-first vision so that tastemakers, influencers, athletes, musicians, and brands can find, distribute, monetize and control every interaction with their fans.

Triller, proudly created and based in the United States, serving creators around the planet, believes that every creator and fan, wherever they are, has the right to own their data and it not be used for nefarious purposes, unlike the rising doubts around companies like TikTok.

“The fact that we now have a Federal Communication Commissioner – calling on Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their systems underscores the inherent damage that app has, is, and will do to the creator ecosystem and users; but also our country as a whole. Every political gesticulation by TikTok and its parent ByteDance in response to government scrutiny raises serious concerns about its intentions and impact on society. It's time to stop the shell game and take decisive action. We are watching our nation’s sovereignty evaporate in front of us, one short video at a time,” said Mahi de Silva.

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Triller is the AI-powered open garden technology platform for creators. Pairing music culture with sports, fashion, entertainment, and influencers through a 360-degree view of content and technology, Thriller encourages its influencers to post the content created on the app across different social media platforms and uses proprietary AI technology to push and track their content virally to affiliated and non-affiliated sites and networks, enabling them to reach millions of additional users. Triller additionally owns VERZUZ, the live-stream music platform launched by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland;, a leading customer engagement platform; FITE, a premier global PPV, AVOD, and SVOD streaming site; and Thuzio, a leader in B2B premium influencer events and experiences.

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