Torino Capital announced Rudy Sanchez as Managing Director - Head of Structured Products and Real Estate at Torino Capital

New York, New York

New York, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Torino Capital is pleased to announce the appointment of Rudy Sanchez as Managing Director, Head of Structured Products & Real Estate effective immediately. Rudy Sanchez joined Torino in 2020 and has served in the Sales and Trading roles, most recently serving in the position of Director.

“According to Victor Sierra, Torino Capital’s CEO, Torino Capital continues its dedication and focus on broadening the scope of our product mix and global reach. That’s why Torino Capital’s announced this new title Mr. Sanchez as Managing Director, Head of Structured Products & Real Estate.”

This new position achieved by Rudy Sanchez’s recognizes Rudy's contributions to Torino during his tenure with the organization.

Rudy Sanchez joined Torino in 2020 and has served in the roles of Sales and Trading, most recently serving in the position of Director.

Mr. Sanchez has 20 years of experience in the financial markets and started his career at Laidlaw Global Securities as part of the Institutional Sales and Trading team covering Latin American and European institutional accounts.

At Westminster Securities, Mr. Sanchez was part of the NYSE floor trading and NASDAQ market-making team handling institutional clients globally. Mr. Sanchez also had positions at Latam Securities, Tullett Prebon, and Rock Center Capital Partners, where worked in equities, derivatives, structured products, and risk arbitrage.

Most recently, was Director of Sales at iintoo, where Mr. Sanchez spearheaded the sales in private placements of commercial-grade real estate offerings. Rudy Sanchez is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and was instrumental in expanding their presence in the US and Latin America. Rudy Sanchez holds an MBA from Binghamton University.

Torino Capital’s Structured Product Sales, Trading, and Strategy team concentrates on origination and secondary trading for a wide range of products and client segments. Banks, hedge funds, institutional money managers, insurance providers, and more serving Latam and U.S markets. The Structured Products team navigates a global marketplace with precision and focuses on client success.

The real estate industry has traditionally been an exclusive club, underperforming in technical advancement and accessibility for retail investors. Still, we have seen significant disruption in the last five years, led by forward-thinking startups.

Some companies have changed their approach offering individuals a frictionless means to invest in commercial-grade real estate deals – with greater simplicity, transparency, and risk mitigation measures. With a small amount, investors can have hands-on project oversight, short-term investment periods for greater liquidity, a rigorous, data-driven vetting process to identify and offer the most promising investment opportunities, and equity protection on their investment.

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