KOKONI Announces Launch of World's 1st 3D Printer With Instant AI 3D Modeling

Plug-In & Print/ AI 3D Modeling/ Smart App Control/ Extensive Models Gallery/ No Assembly Needed/ 80 mm/s Fast Printing Speed

Hong Kong, HONG KONG

HONG KONG, July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KOKONI, a cutting-edge company focusing on connecting the virtual world and the real world with innovative 3D printing solutions, announced the launch of an impressive AI 3D modeling 3D printer. This new device makes it easy and affordable for anyone to create photo-realistic 3D models from 2D images using just their phone and a KOKONI printer. This exciting new printer streamlines the process of 3D avatar modeling for any application and is available soon on Indiegogo. For more information, please visit the video here

KOKONI unleashes unlimited creativity without the need for expensive scanners, complicated software or prohibitively priced printers. After downloading their exclusive mobile app, users can simply take photos or upload them to generate a 3D model that prints directly in photorealistic detail. With an advanced Smart AI algorithm, KOKONI seamlessly turns 2D images into 3D models like magic. No assembly or complicated setup is needed to get started. KOKONI uses an automatic configuration and a user-friendly design to make it intuitive to use, even for beginners. Its advanced AI algorithm is powerful yet easy to control via app to maximize options for 3D modeling, allowing anyone to transform creativity, inspiration and imagination into reality. Easy to use for all ages, it's the best way to start exploring the world of 3D modeling for beginners, hobbyists, and experts alike.

"As virtual reality becomes a bigger part of our daily lives, we seek ways to make meaningful connections between the virtual and real worlds. The EC-1 is part of that journey, with powerful AI algorithms that make 3D modeling easy for anyone. There is no longer any need to work with complicated modeling software or use expensive equipment. With just a smartphone and the KOKONI EC-1, photorealistic 3D avatars and models come to life at the touch of a button."  KOKONI CEO Chen Tianrun.

Equipped with a specially-developed nozzle and exclusive PLA filament, KOKONI creates smoother model surfaces and more decent prints without clogging using finite element thermal simulation. It's quiet and fast, printing at speeds up to 80mm/s. A motherboard with 1.4GHz quad-core processor and self-developed silent driver provides faster processing along with integrated AI motion control algorithm and wireless IoT. The results are astounding and the process of transforming 2D photos into 3D has never been easier. 

KOKONI, the world's first 3D Printer with Instant AI 3D Modeling is truly a game-changer, giving everyone the power to create stunning 3D avatars and models with ease. KOKONI is available for pre-sale soon on Indiegogo with rewards and incentives for early adopters. Learn more on the campaign page

Check Out the Press kit here and contact us at kokonitech@gmail.com.

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World's 1st 3D Printer with Instant AI 3D Modeling

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