Ancient Roman-Era Odeon Unveiled at Tel Ashkelon National Park

The Project Was Sponsored by a Partnership Between the Israel Nature & Heritage Foundation of America, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, and the Leon Levy Foundation

Ashkelon, Israel, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Roman-era Odeon was unveiled at a recent ceremony at Tel Ashkelon National Park. The ancient theater was revealed after a lengthy and exhaustive restoration was undertaken. The structure had been left neglected and suffering from the elements, until an initiative was formed in the hopes of restoring this once-great structure. 

The massive project was the result of a partnership between the Israel Nature & Parks Authority (INPA), the Israel Nature & Heritage Foundation of America (INHFA), as well as the generous contributions of the Leon Levy Foundation. The Odeon restoration is part of a much larger ongoing project which aims to introduce visitors to the rich and diverse history of the site. Plans include the construction of an outdoor trail as well as renovations of the Philistine house, Basilica, and a new visitor center. As a result of the organizations’ work, Tel Ashkelon was Israel’s most visited archaeological site in 2020. 

In an inaugural speech at the event, INHFA COO Amanda Israel said, “The efforts to preserve, restore, and create access to these treasures have been a passion project for many… It is our hope together that today will leave each of you in awe of the history of humanity, eager to learn the stories from our shared past, and with a passion for investing in making these stories available for future generations.”

In recognition of the significant contributions made by the Leon Levy Foundation, and in particular the organization’s generous benefactor, Shelby White, INHFA Chairwoman Taly Dery added, “Thank you, Ms. White, and the Leon Levy Foundation for the support of our young but fast-growing and relentless organization… for seeing this project to completion. None of these remarkable stepping stones would be possible without your trust and cooperation.”

The Odeon at Tel Ashkelon National Park is currently open for public viewing.  


The Israel Nature & Heritage Foundation of America’s mission is to restore Israel’s ancient heritage sites, save endangered wildlife, and promote educational initiatives for underserved populations. The foundation works closely with the Israel Nature & Parks Authority to protect and preserve Israel’s natural beauty and endearing history for generations to come. 



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