B2B Revenue Growth Platform Novel Capital Announces Seed Extension Funding

Additional investors join round to help Novel Capital accelerate growth for B2B predictable revenue companies

KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novel Capital, the fintech Revenue Growth Platform that helps B2B businesses accelerate their growth, today announced a seed extension round led by Ulu Ventures, with additional participation from MatterScale, Edovate Capital, Tenzing Capital, and KCRise.

Entrepreneurs are facing bigger challenges than ever before, while not always able to diagnose what is holding them back. The problems typically lie in three key areas: the need for growth capital, identifying the right metrics, and knowing what strategies equate to predictable revenue growth.

Novel’s Revenue Growth Platform will help B2B Founders act upon the levers that accelerate growth. Customers can leverage their predictable revenue for on-demand access to non-dilutive capital that grows with them. By connecting their systems, they gain data-driven insights about their key barriers to revenue growth. The platform then pairs companies with machine learning-powered recommendations and actionable strategies to overcome those barriers.

“Early-stage Founders have passion and an idea, but they’re still learning how to build their business. If they can identify their growth barriers and have the capital and strategies to overcome them, they will build businesses that can overcome any market challenge,” said Carlos Antequera, CEO of Novel Capital. “The additional funding will accelerate the development of our Revenue Growth Platform and empower more businesses to achieve their next level of success.”

“Novel is at the center of powerful economic trends in the U.S. with small businesses adapting and innovating faster, the exponential growth of SaaS fueled by digital transformation, and the cooling of venture activity paired with inflation impacting bank loans,” said Fernando Fabre, Managing Partner at MatterScale. “We rarely see an opportunity with multiple gears in the right place, at the right time, and with the right team.”

In many cases, capital is a key concern for Founders looking to grow. Novel’s revenue-based financing model is just one component of the larger Revenue Growth Platform, offering a simple, transparent, and less risky alternative to bank debt. This non-dilutive option allows Founders to accelerate their growth in a number of ways:

  • Bridge between funding rounds to unlock new milestones for higher valuations
  • Immediately invest in sales and marketing resources for revenue growth
  • Hire more staff to meet the needs of new clients
  • Ease predictable cash shortages in seasonal or cyclical businesses

“We see a ton of potential in Novel Capital’s approach to startup financing,” said Clint Korver, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ulu Ventures. “The first-hand entrepreneurial experience they bring, coupled with their data-driven approach to financing, will increase access to funding for the next wave of great B2B companies.”

Entrepreneurs simply enter their basic company information and connect core systems to Novel’s online platform. From there, key company data points are analyzed to identify potential growth barriers and determine the amount of capital they can access. When the company is approved, it can access on-demand capital directly through the platform, with access to additional capital as they continue to grow and generate more revenue.

To learn more, visit Novel Capital’s website and follow the company on LinkedIn.

About Novel Capital
Novel Capital’s fintech revenue growth platform aims to break down the traditional barriers to growth faced by today’s B2B companies. Their digital experience will allow Founders to leverage future predictable revenue for access to non-dilutive capital, unlock data-driven insights, and act upon machine learning-powered strategies that accelerate growth. The Novel platform empowers Entrepreneurs to capitalize on their momentum.

Media contact: Jon Keller, jon@propllr.com