RadCred Launches Contactless Lending Platform For Bad Credit Loans

Glendale, California, UNITED STATES

GLENDALE, Calif., Aug. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RadCred, a lending intermediary, launches its contactless lending platform for bad credit loans. Since its inception, RadCred has emerged as one of the top choices for people applying for short-term loans owing to its quick and hassle-free services. 

RadCred functions as a conduit or link between prospective borrowers and the leading lenders in the industry. People with credit scores under 575 or with a limited credit history are also eligible for availing of payday loans from RadCred for bad credits.

Choosing a lender is a tough row to hoe. It is highly tangled with multiple formalities and checkpoints that it becomes cumbersome. With RadCred, borrowers can use their bad credit loans to cover various expenses, such as debt consolidation, car loans, medical expenses, and home repairs. In addition, they provide the cheapest mortgage rates in this space and can use them to meet short-term financial needs while raising the credit score.

RadCred was founded with the idea of forming a bridge between the potential lenders and the borrowers to facilitate the transaction of loans easily. The financial experts of the team have laid a simple and easy process to connect both the parties and provide a secure transaction. RadCred is a top choice among Americans owing to the presence of lenders that offer lower interest rates than the traditional lenders. The choice of being matched with the local lender makes it less burdensome for the client to pay the borrowed sum. 

RadCred has built its reputation locally and globally and is counted on by millions of Americans to pay for emergency funds, medical bills, educational loans, etc. The company's clientele is growing briskly because of the quick services that ensure cash transfer within 24 hours. The process for applying loan is straightforward. A small form confirming some essential details needs to be filled and within seconds, the potential lenders can be chosen as per convenience.

Cybercrime, including data breaches, is now the top financial crime. Rising dependency on digitization, nearly 55% of the population relies on online tools for their credit needs. Hence, security plays a significant role on online platforms as breaching data is possible, but RadCred ensures its users remain unharmed by any potential threats. In addition, RadCred has recently announced its security upgradation by incorporating the 2048-bit RSA protection on the website. This will ensure the safeguard of the valuable data of the users who are applying for personal loans.

Speaking about the company's recent development, the CXO added, "Our customers have trusted us with all their data and personal credentials and we are trying to stand on their expectations. With the help of assiduous cyber-security analysts, we have built a security-enhanced contactless lending platform for bad credit loans. The company looks forward to assisting its customers with our 24x7 customer service. We are here to help our customers at any point in time."

About RadCred

RadCred is an online platform trusted by millions of Americans that connect lenders and borrowers under one roof for a hassle-free transaction. RadCred, however, isn't directly involved in the loan process.

As every four out of 10 Americans require more than $400 in case of emergency, it becomes all the more difficult for people to engage in the traditional loan-seeking facilities as it doesn't guarantee instant cash transfer to their account. RadCred ensures you can pay for emergency services, holidays, medical bills, education loans, etc., by enabling the transfer of the borrowed money in less than 24 hours.

With the facility of local lenders present on RadCred, it becomes all the easier to apply for the loan and pay a lower interest rate compared to other loan-providing platforms in the market. However, matching with a local lender is not always guaranteed. However, there are specific requirements needed to get matched to a local lender, but one can apply for the same through the method recommended by the company. 

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