Cultural Intelligence Firm, Collage Group, Welcomes Victor Paredes as Executive Director of Cultural Strategy

Washington, D.C., Aug. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Collage Group, the leading source of cultural intelligence about diverse consumers to over 250 of America’s iconic brands, announced today that Victor Paredes has joined the team as Executive Director of Cultural Strategy. Paredes is a proven expert in inclusive marketing and advertising and will leverage his expertise in combination with Collage’s proprietary data and insights in support of members’ objectives to unleash the power of culture to drive brand growth.

Collage Group continues to experience hyper growth. Recently, the company announced it has secured $25 million in growth capital, which will be used to bring aboard experts like Paredes, as well as increase its investment in product, technology, and data science. The objective is to continue to support Corporate America’s mission to become Culturally Fluent and win in today’s highly Diverse America.

David Wellisch, Collage Group CEO and Co-Founder, lauds Paredes as a new addition to the company, citing his extensive background and noteworthy success with cultural strategy. “Bringing Vic on board as a leader and strategist is a great win for Collage and its members,” Wellisch said. “He will provide contextualized, strategic direction and advice to our members, putting them in position to effectively translate Collage insights and data into actions. Vic will make sure to accelerate our members’ journey to achieve Cultural Fluency – the organizational capacity to efficiently and effectively use culture to connect across different consumer segments.”

Prior to joining Collage Group, Paredes was the Executive Director of Account Planning at Lopez Negrete Communications, where he helped establish keen cultural intelligence in marketing to a diverse new American mainstream. Throughout his career, he has led multidisciplinary teams of strategy, digital, media, promotions and public relations experts in building effective integrated marketing strategies and platforms. He has had the privilege to foster enduring success for several iconic brands, including Target, Hyundai, Heineken, MasterCard, Nestle, McDonald’s, Kleenex, Sprint, and Walgreens.

“I’m excited and eager to join Collage Group and contribute to advancing the great work already in progress,” Paredes said. “My mission is to help brands better understand the role of Cultural Fluency and how it will ultimately benefit them, as well as their consumers.”



Collage Group is the leading source of cultural intelligence about diverse consumers to more than 250 of America’s iconic brands across 15 industries. For more than 10 years, Collage Group has developed consumer insights across race and ethnicity, generation, sexual identity, gender and parent-child relationships with a focus on high-growth consumer segments. Members of the Collage Group Cultural Intelligence Programs–Multicultural, Generations, LGBTQ+ & Gender and Parents & Kids–have access to 10+ years of consumer insights and 350+ studies with new data unveiled weekly. Learn more about why America’s iconic brands turn to Collage Group for diverse consumer insights and best practices.



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