NorthShore Care Supply Begins Clinical Trial to Re-Evaluate Protocols with Senior Care Facilities & Residents Managing Heavy Incontinence

New Approach to Managing Senior Incontinence and Skin Health with Super-Absorbent Adult Diapers & Effective Care Protocols

GREEN OAKS, Ill., Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NorthShore Care Supply's first clinical trial begins in senior care facilities. The trial will test a new approach to incontinence care for residents.

Since 2002, NorthShore has served over 2.5 million families in the United States. Several thousand 5-star customer reviews state that NorthShore products give adults more confidence and better sleep. Family caregivers also notice more sleep and fewer nighttime changes. Maintaining healthy skin is a top concern for individuals who wear adult diapers, and NorthShore delivers.

The clinical trial will challenge the current resident care protocols that are typically in place. The trial plans on showcasing technological advances of NorthShore adult diapers and how NorthShore's incontinence products can improve residents' care and optimize care facility labor utilization. 

Now more than ever, senior living facilities are busy with enrollments. According to A Place for Mom, 10,000 baby boomers retire each day. Thus, the need for space at senior care facilities will increase. Unfortunately, senior care facilities presently face labor challenges. Six out of 10 nursing homes are not admitting new residents due to recent staff shortages.

Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Jim Bogner, is directing the trial. The goal is to prove the efficacy of NorthShore products at senior care facilities in addition to challenging the current standards of incontinence care.

Currently, nursing care protocol typically requires resident changes every two hours, including several overnight changes. The constant changing of products can result in residents losing sleep. Studies show that seniors who sleep up to eight hours have a decreased risk of chronic diseases. Furthermore, seniors using inferior incontinence products may be susceptible to skin breakdown, whether those seniors reside in their own homes or in senior living facilities.

NorthShore products offer premium protection for individuals with heavy to total incontinence. They can absorb large amounts of liquid while also maintaining healthy skin. This new trial may show that there is no longer a need for frequent incontinence product changing, including during overnight hours.

"Based on thousands of NorthShore's consumer customers with heavy to total incontinence who have experienced sound skin health while sleeping through the night over the years, we recognize that proving similar clinical outcomes in the senior living facility setting is needed and clinical trial data that will be generated is the key to NorthShore accessing the business-to-business market," says Jim Bogner.

Vice President of Sales Sandra DiVito states, "NorthShore wants to provide care facilities with dependable incontinence products for seniors managing heavy incontinence. We want to help clinical caregivers provide seniors the best care possible while also enabling cost savings for senior living facilities through a combination of labor and materials reductions."

Results from the first two of several clinical trials in a series planned for 2022 were recently completed with a summary available at McKnight's Senior Living. Twenty additional facilities have been enrolled with data collection scheduled to begin in September 2022. Upon these future trials' completion, additional updates will be made available on NorthShore. For questions, email Sandra DiVito at or visit


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Jim Bogner, vice president of corporate strategy, and Sandra DiVito, vice president of sales.

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