EO Launches First-Ever Digital Health Platform Offering Affordable, Clinician-Guided Cannabis Care

Bridging the Cannabis Care Gap with Personalized, Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Oversight at Scale

Boston, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EO Care, Inc. (“EO” or “The Company”), a digital health company focused on cannabinoid-based treatments, announced the launch of a new, HIPAA-compliant service and technology platform to meet the need for scalable, affordable, data-informed cannabis care with ongoing clinical oversight.

Combining a powerful patient companion app and proprietary data model/clinician enablement platform, EO is built to provide those suffering from chronic pain, sleeplessness and anxiety with a more responsible, complete and ongoing cannabis care partnership – at a fraction of the cost of current cannabis clinician and dispensary-based care. At the same time, EO provides healthcare leaders, researchers and regulators with an easy-to-deploy platform through which they can better understand and responsibly pilot cannabis-based treatments.

With an EO subscription, a member can:

  • Define and maintain a personalized cannabis care plan specifying products, doses, and times of use - all overseen by an expert, licensed EO clinician.
  • Message a clinician at any time and schedule one-on-one telehealth consultations.
  • Save money each month on the cannabis products that are working best for them.
  • Have those products delivered to their door via EO’s retail and delivery partners.

“The cannabis and healthcare establishments have so far failed medical and wellness cannabis consumers. And millions who could benefit from cannabis have stayed on the sidelines. Why? There’s no one to turn to for responsible, ongoing, personalized care. And the cannabis retail experience still feels very unserious, off-putting and confusing for those who want to manage health issues,” says Ben Caplan M.D., EO co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, a family physician and leader in the field of cannabis medicine.

“We haven’t had the right technologies to enable the ongoing patient-clinician partnerships we now know are essential for the delivery of safe, optimal cannabis care. As a consequence, there’s been no good way for healthcare networks, payers and regulators to responsibly research and pilot cannabinoid-based treatments. And so we’ve all waited for cannabis to find its place in establishment medicine, become reimbursable and realize its potential. It’s time to stop waiting,” says Dave Batista, EO’s CXO and previously the founder of the digital agencies BEAM and Euro RSCG Circle.

Toward this end, EO’s data focus is on understanding the impact of guided cannabis care on broadly accepted measures of well-being, activities of daily living, patient satisfaction and cost of care, and on enabling ready comparison to other substance-based medical treatments (such as opioid, NSAID, benzodiazepine, Z-drug, and SSRI-based care).

EO’s CEO is Sean Collins, a longtime leader in the field of guidance and advice platforms. Board members and investors include Bill Van Faasen, past Chairman and CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Steve Hoffman, former Chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Age and location-eligible patients can learn more and subscribe at eo.care.

Lucas Wentworth
NisonCo PR