West Coast Trial Lawyers Partners With Branded Arts to Produce “Grana” Mural, a Special Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Featuring artwork by Odeith and Nikkolas Smith - Located at 1147 South Hope St. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Kobe Bryant Mural Artwork

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In honor of Kobe Bryant “Mamba Day” on 8/24, Branded Arts and West Coast Trial Lawyers will hold a mural unveiling celebration in front of the south facing wall facade at the headquarters of West Coast Trial Lawyers in Downtown Los Angeles. World-renowned 3D muralist Odeith joined Los Angeles-based artist Nikkolas Smith to create a unique composition that honors Kobe’s vision and legacy of storytelling. This artistic tribute will be the largest portrait of Kobe Bryant in all of Los Angeles history.

As Kobe Bryant once said, “The definition of greatness is to inspire the people next to you.... It’s not something that lives and dies with one person.”

After his final game, Kobe set out to inspire the next generation by telling stories. In the magical worlds he created with his company Granity Studios, the concept of “Grana” represents the inner greatness we all possess to become the best version of ourselves. Nate Stranzl, filmmaker and former Granity Studios team member, describes the piece as a tribute to Kobe’s lifelong mission to inspire: “Kobe’s legacy teaches us that true greatness is not in what we do, but in how it echoes beyond us and inspires others, forever.”

The mural depicts a captivating, detailed portrait of Kobe Bryant after his playing career concluded. To the left of Kobe, a black mamba pops off the wall to showcase Kobe's relentless intensity and to represent a mystical, mysterious side to his creative visions. To the right of Kobe, the book of Grana lies wide open, with Gigi Bryant and Granity-inspired characters bursting out.

“Grana,” a short film curated by Palinoia Productions, will be released on September 6th. More information about the film and a donation link to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation will be accessible by QR code onsite at the mural.

Co-producers and Contributors
Odeith, Nikkolas Smith, Branded Arts, West Coast Trial Lawyers, Nate Stranzl, Granity Studios, Palinoia Productions, South Park BID

About Odeith
Sérgio Odeith is a world-renowned muralist from Lisbon, Portugal. Odeith dropped out of school at age 15 and is an entirely self-taught artist. After several years painting street murals with the name “Eith,” it was in 2003 that he created the name “Odeith.” In 2005, he began his path to international recognition as a result of his innovative pieces using the anamorphosis technique. Odeith truly creates a 3D optical illusion effect through his unique murals, which he most often creates on 90º corners or flat walls.

About Nikkolas Smith
Nikkolas Smith, a native of Houston, Texas, is a Master of Architecture recipient from Hampton University. After designing theme parks at Walt Disney Imagineering for 11 years, he is now an ARTivist, concept artist, children's books author, film illustrator and movie poster designer. As an illustrator of color, Nikkolas creates captivating art that can spark important conversations around social justice in today's world and inspire meaningful change. Nikkolas resides in Los Angeles.

About Branded Arts
Branded Arts is a Los Angeles based organization that offers a full spectrum of artistic services for communities and corporate settings alike. With years of experience as curators and consultants, the Branded Arts team has backgrounds in architecture, design, exhibition planning, and production. Over the past 12 years, they have produced over 600 public and private mural projects in over 50 cities worldwide. 

About Nate Stranzl
Nate Stranzl worked at Kobe’s production company Granity Studios, where he developed story ideas for novels and produced the children’s podcast “The Punies.” Kobe deeply inspired Nate and instilled a confidence in him to find his creative voice. His “Grana” short film pays tribute to everything Kobe did to inspire people all over the world. Based in Salt Lake City, Nate creates films at Palinoia Productions with his partner Brian Durkee. 

About West Coast Trial Lawyers
West Coast Trial Lawyers is a personal injury law firm that specializes in an array of personal injury matters. Having won over $1.5 billion for their clients, their team of lawyers is committed to seeking legal justice and compensation for their clients. WCTL has over 100 years of collective experience and has several locations throughout California.

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