Human Resource Executive® HR Technology Conference & Exposition® Unveils Winners of 2022 Top HR Products Awards

Thirteen Solutions to Be Honored at Next Month's Conference, Represent Innovation in Six Critical HR Competencies

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The HR Technology Conference & Exposition®, along with the experts at Human Resource Executive® magazine, today announced the winners of the 2022 Top HR Products of the Year Awards. The annual program highlights new solutions that are helping HR leaders meet the ever-evolving needs of their organizations.

Submissions were judged on four factors: overall product innovation, the value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for users and the ability to deliver as promised. This year's winners represent six business-critical HR competencies, including artificial intelligence, core HR, employee experience, talent acquisition, talent management and total rewards.

In alphabetical order by company name, the following products have been named the 2022 Top HR Products of the Year:

ADP Intelligent Self-Service

ADP Intelligent Self-Service anticipates, solves and reduces employee issues before becoming a problem. Combining artificial intelligence, deep HCM knowledge and intuitive experiences, ADP Intelligent Self-Service proactively nudges employees to resolve potential issues. A missed punch is one example. Today, to correct a missed punch, employees and practitioners may follow 15-plus steps over two pay periods before issue resolution. With ADP Intelligent Self-Service, the employee is notified on their ADP Mobile App that a punch is missed and encouraged to resolve the issue within the same experience. ADP's Intelligent Self-Service improves the workplace technology experience by proactively addressing issues before they happen.


Compa is offer-management software to help talent teams make smarter offers and gain real-time market data. When recruiters use Compa, they can skip spreadsheets and automate workflows to find pay guidelines, navigate pay conversations and build custom offers that get approved quickly. For comp teams, Compa unlocks a stream of offer intelligence powered by their own market interaction—the real-time insights needed for fast-changing markets.

Eightfold Job Intelligence Engine

The Eightfold Job Intelligence Engine provides an AI-powered foundation for role definitions that dynamically learns from internal and external talent insights. By replacing archaic and ineffective job descriptions with centrally defined roles, the tool combines AI, automation and human expertise for better decision-making. Its key benefits are 1. Accelerated time to hire: Reduced time to write job descriptions, define role requirements and calibrate new requisitions; 2. Consistent talent standard: For hiring, internal mobility and talent development; 3. Succession planning: Based on role definition and skills insights; 4. Future-ready workforce: Align roles with the most in-demand skills for any role and industry.

Gloat Workforce Intelligence

For many organizations, workforce strategy is often encumbered by fragmented systems and manual processes that make it difficult to meet the demands of increasingly agile talent and business needs. With this in mind, Gloat built the Workforce Intelligence suite to solve the challenges of accessing scalable skills, jobs and talent insight, empowering organizations to understand and adapt to market needs. The Workforce Intelligence suite provides the actionable insights to design future-fit workforces and drive positive business outcomes—all powered by its proprietary dataset of network aggregate and external data, customer HR data and real-time continuous engagement.

iCIMS Marketing Automation 

Amplify sourcing and engagement efforts with sophisticated lead scoring and conditional, behavior-based campaign personalization to address the toughest talent and recruiting challenges. iCIMS Marketing Automation redefines recruitment marketing by helping recruiting teams adapt to the age of the candidate. By serving up content at the right time in their job search, talent teams can tell which candidates are cold, warm and hire-ready based on real-time changes in candidates' clicks, browser history, preferences and interest levels. Candidates receive unique, personalized experiences, easily connecting them to best-fit roles and hiring teams get improved efficiency by re-engaging existing databases and delivering more at scale.


Joyous is an app that unlocks the expertise in large workforces to solve strategic challenges. It works in four steps: it breaks a big challenge down into small conversation starters; reaches out to a cohort of the workforce who will have the knowledge needed; routes their responses to subject matter experts and leaders who turn it into conversations, asking for clarification or offering support; and finally, AI analyzes all those conversations to identify the actionable themes that will make the biggest impact.

Oracle ME

Oracle ME is a complete employee experience platform designed to elevate employees' growth, connections and ability to thrive in the new ways of work and workplaces today. Part of Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle ME enables organizations to deliver personalized experiences to every worker based on their unique characteristics and situations. Oracle ME enables HR and business leaders to deepen worker relationships by empowering managers to connect employee sentiment with action, enabling targeted communications, delivering contextual guidance and strengthening relationships. Oracle ME is a comprehensive experience platform that ignites workforce experiences and enables HR to deliver culture and empathy at scale.

Paradox Animated Assessments

Paradox has built the fastest, mobile-first assessment on the market, requiring just 90 seconds to complete and boasting a 95% completion rate. By using animated images rather than words, candidates provide accurate information in a fraction of the time, reducing candidate drop-off and increasing satisfaction. The animated character, Ash, is gender- and race-neutral, creating a more inclusive experience for candidates that drives more accurate results. Relying upon the widely respected Big Five model of personality, the Animated Assessment drives quality of hire for clients and greater satisfaction for candidates by fusing design with science to create magical outcomes.

Plum Leadership Potential

Plum Leadership Potential enables organizations to identify high-potential talent using proven science combined with scalable technology. By leveraging the results of Plum's single assessment, organizations can instantly measure leadership potential in every employee, ensuring each member of the workforce is equitably considered for their aptitude. Plum Leadership Potential also ensures companies use objective criteria to strip away bias and build more diverse leadership pipelines. By objectively surfacing employees with leadership potential—regardless of race, gender and background—organizations can engage, develop and retain future leaders who will be critical to their organization's future success.

PTO Genius

PTO Genius helps organizations transform the employee experience and boost profitability by unleashing the power of PTO. The AI-powered software helps optimize and automate time off to uncover hidden opportunities to decrease burnout, improve employee wellness and reduce churn. Using machine learning, the Genius platform detects burnout, proactively surfaces favorable times to take leave and makes it easy to convert extra PTO to fund vacations, pay down student loans, contribute to retirement and more. Robust reporting arms clients with powerful insights, analytics and actionable data to discover emerging trends and identify opportunities to further optimize time off.

ServiceNow Manager Hub

Manager Hub delivers a purpose-built destination for people leaders to stay informed and engaged with their teams by leveraging personalized resources to guide their leadership journey. Managers can view a summary of team insights and action items for employee journeys, daily team stats, important dates, tasks and requests. Notifications and alerts encourage people leaders to take quick action to the team's most urgent needs and stay ahead of important matters. Curated content—like company news and announcements, related knowledge articles, guides and tips—gives managers a single destination to access the tools needed to lead their teams.

Talview Interview Insights

Talview Interview Insights maximizes the effectiveness of the Interview. The AI-powered solution works by analyzing conversations and behaviors to assess the candidate and the interviewer, helping organizations continuously improve the quality of interviewing. It was engineered with three core functionalities: at-a-glance summary, search, keywords and phrases; insights into candidate and interviewer performance; and interviewer coaching and feedback. By monitoring for biases in conversations, conformance to organizational policies (from regulatory compliance to DEI goals), talk ratios, gauging question relevance to the role and more, Interview Insights is a key addition to organizations serious about fair hiring practices and acquiring top talent.

Workday Scheduling and Labor Optimization

Workday Scheduling and Labor Optimization is an intelligent, worker-first scheduling solution that leverages artificial intelligence to match labor demand with worker qualifications, availability and preferences to optimize schedules for both workers and the business automatically. By analyzing data across the organization, Workday Scheduling and Labor Optimization helps managers and operations leaders optimize schedules to meet both the labor demands of the business and numerous business parameters—such as labor regulations—and worker scheduling preferences. Workday Scheduling and Labor Optimization is part of a unified workforce management offering that helps organizations elevate the worker experience and more easily attract, engage and retain talent—all in one system.

The 2022 Top HR Products of the Year Awards winners will be celebrated during the HR Technology Conference & Exposition® on Tuesday, September 13, at 6:30 p.m. PT. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to visit and interact with this year's winners on the expo floor. For event information, including registration, visit

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