A New Way To Buy NFTs On OpenSea With A Credit Card

Miami, Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Miami, Florida -

Miami, FL based NFTpay is pleased to announce the launch of NFT Shark, a new and easy way to buy NFTs on OpenSea with a debit or credit card in minutes. This new service takes out much of the hassle of purchasing NFTs and vastly simplifies the overall process. Unlike current credit card solutions on OpenSea, NFT Shark’s offering is a seamless three click purchase experience that makes it far faster and far easier to buy an NFT with a credit card than ever before. Learn more about NFT Shark here: https://nftshark.cc

In particular, for frequent NFT collectors, NFT Shark enables them to "save their ETH" and buy with USD and a credit card instead. It is an ongoing joke that prolific NFT collectors rarely have liquid Ethereum as it is all spent or locked in NFTs. NFT Shark enables these collectors to save their ETH but still buy their NFTs off of Open Sea.

For new buyers of NFTs, NFT Shark enables them to buy their first NFT in just one minute without going through the cumbersome and intimidating 9 step process of buying an NFT with crypto.

Since its inception, NFTpay’s mission has always been to make NFTs more accessible to the community at large. While initial efforts in the NFT space made this fledgling industry more palatable for individuals and businesses who were already familiar with crypto, NFTpay realized that convenience was one of the primary factors keeping a lot of people on the fence about investing in NFTs. Further, it also represented an unnecessary obstacle for existing crypto and NFT enthusiasts, potentially limiting the amount of business an NFT artist would draw and stifling the industry overall.

NFTpay CEO Mike Krilivsky had this to say: "Have you realized how much of a hassle it is to buy NFTs? There’s about 9 steps, it can take multiple days and 99.9% of new potential customers will just give up. NFTpay allows new potential customers to buy in one minute - NFTpay is the future.” NFT Shark aims to be NFTpay’s answer to this problem — a payment processing solution that is functionally as useful and accessible as would be expected on any conventional digital storefront. In fact, it is so easy to use that buying an NFT can be completed within minutes, and the most time-consuming aspect of this may be the user having to enter their card details.

To begin with, anyone interested in purchasing a certain NFT can simply copy its URL from OpenSea and paste it in NFT Shark’s portal. The next step is for the user to enter their email address and credit or debit card details. Notably, the system fully eliminates the need for users to even have crypto or a crypto wallet. In the final step, they can proceed to check out and either access their NFT at once with NFTpay or simply save their confirmation email for later perusal. Anyone who purchases an NFT in this manner can view it here: https://nftpay.xyz.

The platform adds that participating creators may now wish to remind their community that their NFTs can just as easily be purchased on the go. NFTpay and NFT Shark are fully compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Partners who wish to implement NFTpay will also be pleased to learn that they can swiftly add credit card payment functionality to their own website with a single line of code, which NFTpay will provide.

As NFTpay observes, only a minority of potential NFT buyers already have cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet. In fact, they estimate that such buyers make up around 99% of this group. As any business will know, a customer is more likely to make a purchase if it is convenient and respects their time, and this was previously not the case with NFTs. An artist or creator may see thousands of visits a day from prospective customers who then did not consider taking the next step simply because it required them to sign on with other crypto platforms. This had the effect of fracturing the marketplace and pushing out people who may otherwise be extremely pleased to have their own NFTs.

NFTpay’s solutions have already seen great success in other implementations. What was once a 9-step, multi-day process for customers who were serious about making a purchase now takes less than a minute to complete. This simplification is only on the front-end, however; NFTpay also realized that security had to be paramount in order to ensure that customers would continue to trust the platform and its partners. All users, therefore, are verified safely and securely, and NFTpay ensures that all legal requirements and regulations are accommodated, eliminating the need for either partners or customers to get involved any further.

Those interested in learning more about NFT Shark and NFTpay are welcome to visit their respective websites to get started. The organization can also be reached via Telegram, Twitter and more. Find them on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/nftpayofficial/.


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