Kalera Announces Expanded Retail Distribution

Denver Farm Ahead of Schedule

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kalera Public Limited Company (Nasdaq: KAL, “Kalera” or the “Company”), a vertical farming company, today announced its retail store count has grown by 25% this year, with 1,370 retail stores to date and additional retailers expected in the coming months. Kalera is on track to surpass 40 percent growth by year end.

“Kalera’s strategic priority is profitable pragmatic growth from an International, USA based national and regional footprint serving strategic partnerships with retailers and foodservice distributors,” said Jim Leighton, Chief Executive Officer of Kalera. “By leveraging our newly created consumer-centric, branded CPG platform, we are tapping into markets that have the potential to significantly increase current volumes, revenue and farm profitability in 2023.”

In addition, last week Kalera announced that a large national premium grocery retailer added Kalera’s ultra-clean, non-GMO, leafy greens to its Texas market which will be serviced through their Houston Facility”.

The Company plans to expand in select markets and communities that do not have accessibility to local and fresh produce to capture an increased share of the broader U.S. lettuce and microgreens categories. Growth will be supported by several key macro and micro drivers including the growing mainstream acceptance of Kalera’s products; heightened consumer awareness of the role fresh, clean food and nutrition play in long-term health and wellness; growing awareness of the beneficial impact that vertical farming has on the environment; and increasing concern about food safety and security on a global scale. Kalera is supporting growth with disciplined capital deployment to create long-term value for shareholders.

Kalera also announced that its Denver farm, the company’s fourth large-scale facility is fully operational, four months ahead of schedule.

“Our Denver farm expands our regional footprint and product portfolio by providing a full range of products, including whole head, loose-leaf and highly accretive microgreens to Denver consumers and foodservice operators,” Leighton said. “We have applied our experience from other farms to accelerate the process, and we are pleased that throughput yield continues to perform above expectations as the facility ramps up to full-scale production.”

About Kalera
As a leader in controlled environmental agriculture, Kalera is driven by our belief that vertical farming can play an important role in securing access to fresh produce for a growing world population facing climate change and concerns about the future of traditional farming. Through our proprietary technology, we sustainably grow local, delicious, nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, non-GMO leafy greens year-round. Our automated, data-driven, hydroponic vertical farms produce higher yields and, use 95% less water, and 99% less land than traditional farming. Sold under the Kalera brand, our leafy greens are “better than organic” and priced competitively, always with the end consumer in mind. Kalera is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with farms in Orlando; Atlanta, Georgia; Houston, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Kuwait, with additional farms under development. More information is available at www.kalera.com.

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