springbig Partners with JARS Cannabis and Plant.Body.Soul. to Host Co-Marketing Celebration

springbig’s celebration promotes the importance of collaboration and bridge-building within the cannabis marketplace

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- springbig (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SBIG), a leading provider of SaaS-based marketing solutions, consumer mobile app experiences, and omnichannel loyalty programs to the cannabis industry, today announced its first collaborative event with JARS Cannabis, a multi-state operating cannabis brand. Set to take place on September 16 in Phoenix, the joint event will celebrate Arizona's top cannabis brands while emphasizing the importance of co-marketing between cannabis brands and retailers.

“Enjoying the success of our latest collaborative event with Planet 13, springbig is excited to partner with JARS and Plant.Body.Soul. on this inclusive activation. The cannabis industry is always better when we’re working together for a common goal,” said Jeffrey Harris, springbig CEO.

Fostering collaborative partnerships within the cannabis industry is the primary focus of springbig’s brands platform. The program connects brands with like-minded retailers in an effort to co-market their content directly to a store’s VIP customer list via text blasts. The platform also provides brands an opportunity to drive sales by introducing a retailer's most loyal consumers to their products. JARS Cannabis has used the platform to collaborate with its brand partners to co-market to their top consumers. Having gained first-hand experience with the platform, JARS Cannabis coordinated with springbig and Plant.Body.Soul., a creative marketing and branding agency, to develop a promotional event that aims to introduce more brands and retails to this innovative tool.

“Collaborative marketing has a significant impact on success. Working together unifies brand and retailer while allowing customers to build trust in products they consume,” commented Dalyn Oakes, JARS Cannabis Director of Growth.

“We love seeing brands like springbig and JARS bringing their audiences together because co-promotion is one of the smartest moves businesses can make in the marketing world,” added Gordon Ogden and Jennifer Miles, Plant.Body.Soul. co-managing partners. “In a world where social media platforms are notorious for flagging cannabis brands, in-person activations are essential to cultivating long-lasting, emotional connections between your brand and your target audience. We are excited to bring JARS and springbig’s visions together for a memorable event on September 16!”

For more information regarding springbig’s latest events, please visit https://investors.springbig.com/news-events/events.

About springbig
springbig is a market-leading software platform providing customer loyalty and marketing automation solutions to cannabis retailers and brands in the U.S. and Canada. springbig’s platform connects consumers with retailers and brands, primarily through SMS marketing, as well as emails, customer feedback system, and loyalty programs, to support retailers’ and brands’ customer engagement and retention. springbig offers marketing automation solutions that provide for consistency of customer communication, thereby driving customer retention and retail foot traffic. Additionally, springbig’s reporting and analytics offerings deliver valuable insights that clients utilize to better understand their customer base, purchasing habits and trends. For more information, visit https://springbig.com/.

About JARS Cannabis
JARS Cannabis is a multi-state operating cannabis brand and retailer spearheading the recreational markets in Arizona & Michigan. Establishing operations in 2020, has grown to collectively operate 17 storefronts across the US. Employing a community-focused approach, JARS Cannabis is committed to providing the highest quality of products, with the widest variety of options, at prices people can afford, ensuring the integration of cannabis into any lifestyle is both easy and accessible. For more information, visit www.jarscannabis.com.

About Plant.Body.Soul.
Plant.Body.Soul. is a full-service creative marketing and branding agency dedicated to supporting the cannabis and psilocybin industry. Their experienced team has over 20 years of experience and consists of social media experts, marketing strategists, and experiential marketing professionals who help businesses in the industry connect with their customers on a deeper and more meaningful level.

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