Connexa Sports Expands its Technology Footprint in the NBA

Baltimore, Maryland, UNITED STATES

18 of the league’s 30 organizations rely on the company’s connected camera technology and automated, multi-angle video platform for their practice and training needs

BALTIMORE, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXA) ( is pleased to announce further expansion within the National Basketball Association (NBA). PlaySight’s connected camera platform has become the standard for multi-angle practice and performance video throughout the league and across professional sports. After several new teams partnered with the company this past off-season, there are now 18 NBA organizations that rely on PlaySight technology for daily practice, scouting and player development video needs.

PlaySight has been building for technology since 2016, and the sport was the second market that the company entered after launching first in tennis in 2015. Over the past six seasons, the majority of the league’s teams have added PlaySight cameras, and in some cases installing up to seven cameras per court at their practice facilities. PlaySight’s platform also enables for seamless integration with other technologies, trackers and software, often working directly with teams for specific requests and needs that their coaching or performance staff may have. Many of the technological innovations driven at the professional level are available to PlaySight’s basketball clients at the collegiate, high school and academy levels as well.

PlaySight technology has enabled teams to be more efficient with their staff and coaching according to several of the company’s partners. “Prior to using PlaySight, we needed to dedicate a video coordinator to operate a handheld camera throughout practice,” said Matt Reynolds, the Boston Celtics Special Assistant to the Head Coach. “Having that extra manpower has allowed our video coordinators to be more active participants in drills on the court.”

“PlaySight has just made life so much easier. We’re literally just pressing a button and it’s recording from nine different angles and six different baskets. If there’s a discrepancy in practice, we’ll go to the iPad and replay the play in real-time or after,” said Ike Azotam, an Assistant Video Coordinator with the New York Knicks.

“We acquired PlaySight for their proven tech, their reputation throughout sport, and their positioning at the leading-edge of sports tech innovation,” said Connexa Sports CEO Mike Ballardie. “The fact that so many NBA teams use them and rely on the tech daily is a testament to the technology and the talent on the R&D team.”


About Connexa Sports Technologies:

Connexa Sports is a leading connected sports company delivering products, technologies, and services across the ‘Watch, Play, Learn’ commercial and subscription-as-a-service activities in sports. Digital disruption is restructuring how sports are enjoyed, consumed, and monetized, and Connexa Sports is well positioned to capitalize on this with its portfolio of brands: Slinger, PlaySight Interactive, Gameface.AI and Foundation Tennis.

With over one million users across its platform, Connexa’s mission is to reimagine sports.

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