Club Lapel is Set to Launch Luxury Clothing Brand this Fall

Brooklyn, NY City, New York, United States, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Sunday, September 18th, Club Lapel will be launching an intentional men’s clothing line featuring tailored pieces that empower the beauty of Black culture. They focus on the customer’s individual mindset and what uplifts confidence & creativity through their premier collection of suits, peacoats and more.

With a passion for creative self-expression, cultural empowerment and fashion design, founder Ackeem Kipp has cultivated this brand igniting the essence of royal brotherhood. 

When Ackeem started his journey, he had one goal in mind: increase Black men’s value. Coming from a Guyanese background, he was inspired by the artistry of appearance and believed that it correlated directly to the mind and soul. This belief is what lit his path to challenge the entire fashion industry as a whole.

Black men have long been underserved and misrepresented by the designer community. Fortunately, Club Lapel aims to inspire honorable community leaders, as well as liberate black men from negative social stereotypes.

“We see the value in owning meaningful garments to help Black men become their best self; thus positively impacting their world around them” Ackeem explains.

Club Lapel’s garments aren’t just stylish & fashionable on the outside either. Each piece features written affirmations, or “sewn-in-spiration”, on the inside. This allows the customer to be reminded of their worth and potential every time they wear the brand.

His very first piece from 2016, entitled "Guyana Gold", featured an embroidered phrase that read:

"Let your blazer speak before you do."

This idea, unlike any he'd ever seen in fashion, would later become a design staple when building future pieces.

“It's an opportunity for us to be reminded that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Having confidence in this society can have a huge impact on how we support one another’s dreams.” Ackeem states. “The energy of a confident Black man is one-of-a-kind and I plan to uplift that energy every chance I get.”

Club Lapel is approaching this launch with the mind of a king and the heart of a lion, and Ackeem Kipp is determined to make it a success.

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