Bikky Announces $5.25 Million Seed Round

Bikky increases sales for restaurants by providing unique customer insights and engagement tools that increase retention, frequency, and lifetime value

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bikky, a customer data platform that empowers multi-unit restaurants to access, analyze, and act on their customer data, today announced its $5.25 Million Seed Round led by Equal Ventures, Gutter Capital, and Version One Ventures. Bikky gives operators and franchisees unprecedented insight into who their customers are, their ongoing behavior, and their impact on the business. This helps restaurants make more informed, data-driven decisions that increase customer retention, frequency, and lifetime value.

In the last 12 months, consumers have spent nearly $1 trillion at restaurants and bars, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Despite this remarkable transaction volume, most restaurants don’t know how many diners they serve, if they come back, or how frequently they visit.

Bikky combines customer data from point of sale, payments, online ordering, loyalty, and reservation systems to give restaurants the most comprehensive understanding of the revenue moving through their business. Equipped with a unified view of their customers, restaurants can significantly increase revenue through low- or no-cost operational improvements, such as optimizing menu items, refining customer service at underperforming locations, using targeted promotions to efficiently acquire new guests, and automating email campaigns that drive more repeat visits.

“Bikky generates significant incremental sales for our franchisees,” says Eggs Up Grill CEO Ricky Richardson, a 66-location chain operating across the Southeastern United States.

“Bikky integrated seamlessly with our POS to pull check-level data into their platform, enabling targeted messages based on guest behavior. And through customized dashboards, our marketing team and local franchisees can easily access important customer data, identifying the behaviors of high value segments and the effectiveness of our messaging outreach,” says Richardson. “We’re counting on Bikky to be a strong sales generator, enabling Eggs Up Grill to deliver targeted, relevant messaging to individual guests about things they care about.”

Founder Abhinav Kapur’s inspiration for Bikky came from Amma, a New York City based restaurant owned and operated by his mother-in-law. Her ability to nurture customer relationships was a key driver of her success for over 20 years. Bikky’s technology gives restaurant operators the ability to maintain the same quality of relationships as his mother-in-law, and to do so at any scale.

“With Bikky, restaurants can finally harness their data to improve operations, deepen customer relationships, and increase sales,” says Kapur. “These tools have been table stakes in retail and e-commerce for a decade, and have only been available to the largest restaurant brands until now. Customer data is more important than ever as people find new ways to order from their favorite brands, like kiosks, QR codes, and delivery. Bikky is the platform for restaurants to leverage that data.”

About Bikky

Bikky is a customer data platform for restaurants. We aggregate customer data across all in-store and off-premise channels (POS, online ordering, loyalty, reservations) to provide restaurants a single source of truth for who their guests are, their behavior across channels, and their impact on the business. This enables restaurants to make informed decisions to drive traffic, increase retention, and grow order frequency. Bikky powers data-based decisions for brands like Eggs Up Grill, 16 Handles, Westville, Boqueria, and 5 Napkin Burger, as well as hundreds of other locations across the U.S.

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