Dimensions Algonquin Highlands Now Open for Reservations

Ascend, a psychedelic-assisted therapy retreat program with cannabis commences October 2022

TORONTO, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dimensions Algonquin Highlands, a new, luxurious, wellness destination in Ontario, Canada, now welcomes guests to reserve for ‘Ascend’ — a self-betterment program featuring an immersive five-day retreat uniting psychedelic-assisted therapy with cannabis plant medicine and the healing qualities of community, contemporary accommodations, and meticulous service in the spectacular context of a biodiverse forest and the calming waters of Maple Lake.

“Ascend is for those seeking to find a deeper spiritual connection, enhance their relationships, strengthen their mind-body connection, and improve their physical and emotional health,” says Donald Currie, Registered Psychotherapist and Dimensions Algonquin Highlands’ Clinical Director. 

While on retreat, guests will be immersed in a holistic self-care program, combining psychotherapy, wellness practices such as reiki and acupuncture, seasonal outdoor activities, and chef-prepared, plant-forward meals tailored to enhance the mind-body connection. The highlight of the Ascend program is a psychedelic Plant Ceremony which will help guests to explore new ways of seeing themselves and the world. Ascend at Dimensions Algonquin Highlands will integrate cannabis as a legal and natural psychedelic plant medicine in Canada. Dimensions’ use of cannabis is based on timeless traditions and deep experience — and builds on the company’s recently launched, international psilocybin retreats. The Dimensions’ cannabis psychedelic ceremony can elicit a sense of inner connection and feelings of awe and boundlessness through professional guidance, personalized intention-setting, and a carefully curated environment. In this state of both deep relaxation and awareness, a meaningful reset begins. Dimensions therapists follow through to support integration and long-term well-being even after the retreat concludes.

Dimensions Algonquin Highlands was designed by internationally renowned creative studio and hospitality design experts DesignAgency, to provide guests with luxurious and discrete accommodations, informed by a modern sensibility and connections to surrounding natural beauty. Hosts provide exceptional hospitality and personalized care. Algonquin Highlands can be reached from Toronto, Ontario in three hours by car, and one hour by helicopter, or private air to the nearby Stanhope Municipal Airport (CND4).

Ascend is the first of five foundational psychedelic-assisted therapy and well-being Retreat programs. Leadership, clinical and practitioner programs will be announced in 2023.

Reservations can now be made at dimensionsretreats.com.

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Dimensions focuses on restorative well-being and transformational growth by combining neuroscientific research with Plant Ceremony, therapeutic healing modalities, and luxurious hospitality. Dimensions Algonquin Highlands is the first in a growing collection of retreats in spectacular, natural settings.

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