True Tickets Adds Secure, Contactless Digital Ticketing for The Roundhouse

BOSTON, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- True Tickets today announced the launch of its secure contactless digital ticketing service with legendary live music venue The Roundhouse, giving the venue more control over ticketing and more flexibility while also accounting for General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) protections.

The Roundhouse has been an iconic London music venue for more than 50 years. From its debut show featuring Pink Floyd, The Roundhouse has hosted a who’s who of classic rock superstars, from Jimi Hendrix to The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin, and continues to be a space for groundbreaking live music from generational talents like The Dandy Warhols to cultural icons like Lady Gaga. The Roundhouse also acts as a hub for emerging talent, nurturing the creativity and careers of thousands of young artists each year.

True Tickets’ secure contactless digital ticketing service safeguards both employees and patrons by eliminating physical ticket transactions, something that has become especially important as venues have reopened their doors following the pandemic. The Roundhouse will be able to minimize will call or in-person interactions by using True Tickets to sell and distribute tickets digitally. When fans arrive at shows, employees can quickly scan tickets with zero contact.

At the same time, The Roundhouse will take advantage of True Tickets’ innovative new rules-based ticket sharing feature that empowers event organizers to create and assign rules related to the sharing of digital tickets. Rules may include if a ticket can be shared, how many times, and whether the original ticket purchaser must maintain a live ticket in their wallet for the event. This offers greater control over ticketing, discouraging scalping and giving venues insight into who uses each ticket to enter an event.

“For more than 50 years we’ve been part of music history, but our sights have always been set on the future,” said Gary Halliday, Head of Systems and Technology at The Roundhouse. “True Tickets is part of that future, offering innovative tools to help us better engage our audiences and show them the power of creativity to change lives.”

The True Tickets service integrates with Roundhouse’s Tessitura CRM system through APIs without having to rip and replace any of the venue’s existing infrastructure while providing an intuitive and elegant experience for patrons. The service is also built to help venues maintain GDPR compliance, and can be leveraged and implemented across the Tessitura Network, spanning 700 organizations across 10 countries and 3 continents.

“We’re already partnered with venues in the United States, but this partnership with The Roundhouse shows the international reach of our service,” said Matt Zarracina, CEO of True Tickets. “Because we built the True Tickets service with GDPR compliance in mind, venues across the globe, from the performing arts to live music and beyond, can use it to gain better control over their ticketing and formulate reopening plans that prioritize health and safety.”

About True Tickets
True Tickets is a secure contactless digital ticketing service that can be tailored to a venue’s specific needs. Whether through its IBM blockchain-enabled service built with secondary market distribution in mind or its single-channel delivery service, True Tickets’ business-to-business solution easily integrates with existing ticketing platforms without replacing existing infrastructure. The True Tickets service empowers venues across arts, entertainment, and more to better govern how mobile tickets are transacted, reclaiming control of their tickets from the secondary market so they can more effectively manage their patrons’ experience.

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