ATP’s Aviation Technology Reaches New Heights

Brisbane, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, Sept. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For nearly 50 years, ATP has supported the aviation industry with forward-thinking technology that helps airlines, aircraft operators, schedulers, dispatchers, pilots, and many others complete their work easily and efficiently. To support these complex operations, ATP has carefully chosen technology partners who can strengthen our foundation for growth and scale.  

As ATP continues to evolve our unique and innovative suite of solutions, our foundational technology grows along with it. ATP uses Kong Inc., the leading API gateway and service connectivity platform, to support our products and ensure that we’re bringing cutting-edge technology to the market. 

ATP’s product platform brings together a comprehensive set of capabilities to support the aviation industry, and Kong brings together ATP and its customers’ technology ecosystems. Kong’s innovative Developer Portal enables self-service access and allows customers to explore, understand, and experiment with over 1,000 configurable REST API endpoints. 

Our philosophy is that customers will stay when they are treated well and provided with solutions that meet their needs. This is why we don’t put restrictions on our customers’ ability to access or export their data to other services or solutions.  

ATP’s engineering team is attending the 2022 Kong Summit where they will share how they've used different Kong Enterprise features to support more than five billion API calls a year.

If you’re headed to the 2022 Kong Summit, details are below for ATP’s session:  

Speakers:  Fedor Gorin, ATP’s Senior Director of Engineering, Tyler Hall, Software Architect, & Cara Li, ATP’s Director of Software Engineering. 

Title: APIs Take Flight: Using Kong to Support a Complex Ecosystem 

Date: September 28, 2022 

Time: 1:50 – 2:20 PM PDT  

About ATP:  
ATP is the leading provider of aviation software and information services. 

Our innovative products, including Flightdocs, Aviation Hub, ChronicX, and SpotLight, reduce operating costs, improve aircraft reliability, and support technical knowledge sharing and collaboration in all aviation and aerospace industry sectors. 

The products and services of ATP support more than 75,000 aircraft maintenance professionals worldwide. As a global company, ATP has more than 7,500 customers in 137 countries and partnerships with over 90 OEMs. 

About Kong:
Kong makes connecting APIs and microservices across today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier and faster than ever. We power trillions of API transactions for leading organizations globally through our end-to-end API platform. 



ATP's Session at Kong Summit 2022

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