Sunwing announces its initial winter schedule for four airports from coast to coast amid strong surge in customer demand for sun travel

The tour operator expects demand will continue growing in response to lifting of border measures

TORONTO, Sept. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following the positive news that the Canadian government will lift all border and travel measures effective October 1, 2022, and amid a strong surge in customer demand for winter travel, Sunwing is pleased to announce its initial winter flight schedules for four large airports from coast to coast, with the winter lineup for various regional markets where Sunwing maintains a strong presence – from Atlantic Canada to the Prairies and Northern Ontario – to be announced over the coming weeks.

The tour operator’s winter schedule announcement for Toronto, Montréal, Calgary and Vancouver airports comes on the heels of customer capacity returning to 2019 levels, with winter capacity already growing by more than 140% over the previous year and expected to climb even further once border measures are removed on October 1st. What’s more, Sunwing has been increasing its hiring and recruitment efforts to meet the growing demand for winter travel, with 172 employees recalled and more than 200 new employees hired across Sunwing’s Canadian divisions so far this year. On the airline side, Sunwing has hired over 120 pilots and is actively recruiting for 380 cabin crew positions from coast to coast.

“The increasing demand for travel is incredibly welcome news for our company and the entire Canadian travel industry, and we are delighted that the government is lifting travel measures starting in October, which will undoubtedly drive more bookings for travel to sun destinations this winter,” said Andrew Dawson, President of Tour Operations for Sunwing. “We are thrilled to see capacity returning to pre-2020 levels and to bring more Canadians back to the tropics this winter season, from tried and true favourites such as Cancun, Punta Cana and Varadero to new and expanding destinations such as Cayo Largo in Cuba and Melbourne in Florida. We look forward to adding even more routes and destinations to support evolving demand in the months ahead, and encourage Canadians to book their holiday and winter vacations quickly to unlock the best vacation at the best price!”

Sunwing’s airline division has extended two aircraft leases to further support operations for the upcoming season, which includes providing flights over 30 destinations for the winter and servicing customers with more than 700 hotels, offering the largest assortment available through any tour operator in Canada.

Toronto flight schedule

DestinationPeak FrequencyFromTo
Acapulco1x weekly04-Jan-202315-Mar-2023
Antigua1x weekly05-Nov-202229-Apr-2023
Aruba3x weekly07-Nov-202224-Apr-2023
Cayo CocoDaily01-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Cayo Largo1x weekly04-Nov-202207-Apr-2023
Freeport1x weekly17-Dec-202222-Apr-2023
Grenada1x weekly06-Nov-202223-Apr-2023
Holguin4x weekly01-Nov-202228-Apr-2023
Liberia4x weekly07-Nov-202224-Apr-2023
Montego BayDaily01-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Miami1x weekly18-Dec-202230-Apr-2023
Melbourne2x weekly10-Dec-202219-Apr-2023
Manzanillo de Cuba1x weekly02-Nov-202226-Apr-2023
Mazatlán1x weekly01-Nov-202218-Apr-2023
Puerto Plata3x weekly01-Nov-202225-Apr-2023
Punta CanaDaily01-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Puerto Vallarta2x weekly07-Nov-202224-Apr-2023
Rio Hato2x weekly04-Nov-202217-Apr-2023
Roatan1x weekly12-Dec-202203-Apr-2023
Los Cabos3x weekly03-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Santa ClaraDaily01-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
St. Maarten1x weekly03-Nov-202227-Apr-2023
St. Lucia1x weekly05-Nov-202222-Apr-2023

Montréal flight schedule

DestinationPeak FrequencyFromTo
Acapulco1x weekly21-Dec-202215-Mar-2023
Cayo CocoDaily01-Nov-202229-Apr-2023
Cayo Largo1x weekly04-Nov-202207-Apr-2023
Freeport1x weekly17-Dec-202222-Apr-2023
Liberia1x weekly07-Nov-202217-Apr-2023
Montego Bay2x weekly05-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Miami1x weekly18-Dec-202230-Apr-2023
Manzanillo de Cuba1x weekly02-Nov-202226-Apr-2023
Mazatlán1x weekly13-Dec-202211-Apr-2023
Puerto Plata4x weekly01-Nov-202225-Apr-2023
Punta CanaDaily01-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Puerto Vallarta1x weekly18-Dec-202209-Apr-2023
Rio Hato1x weekly04-Nov-202231-Mar-2023
Roatan1x weekly12-Dec-202203-Apr-2023
Los Cabos1x weekly10-Nov-202206-Apr-2023
San Andres1x weekly14-Dec-202229-Mar-2023
Santa ClaraDaily03-Nov-202229-Apr-2023
St. Maarten1x weekly03-Nov-202227-Apr-2023

Calgary flight schedule

DestinationPeak FrequencyFromTo
Cancun5x weekly01-Nov-202229-Apr-2023
Liberia1x weekly18-Dec-202216-Apr-2023
Montego Bay1x weekly07-Nov-202210-Apr-2023
Mazatlán1x weekly04-Nov-202214-Apr-2023
Punta Cana1x weekly07-Nov-202224-Apr-2023
Puerto Vallarta2x weekly06-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Los Cabos2x weekly03-Nov-202229-Apr-2023
Varadero2x weekly01-Nov-202225-Apr-2023

Vancouver flight schedule

DestinationPeak FrequencyFromTo
Cancun6x weekly1-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Mazatlán1x weekly04-Nov-202214-Apr-2023
Punta Cana1x weekly12-Dec-202224-Apr-2023
Puerto Vallarta3x weekly06-Nov-202230-Apr-2023
Los Cabos1x weekly05-Nov-202229-Apr-2023
Varadero2x weekly08-Nov-202225-Apr-2023

In addition to the example flight schedules from the four airports listed above, Sunwing will be releasing winter schedules for various regions across the country from which it operates in the weeks ahead.

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