VIVAHR Expands Hiring Software Platform with Recruiting Tool to Allow Companies to Capture the Passive Job Seeker Market

New Employee Portal Upgrade Helps Small Businesses Streamline the Recruiting Process

Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

PHOENIX, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VIVAHR, an innovative hiring software platform, announced the expansion of its platform with the addition of a new employee portal to help small businesses create an even more streamlined recruiting process. The company strives to deliver a solution to passive job seekers who may need a little push.

VIVAHR’s new employee portal feature provides a unique opportunity for companies to invite their entire teams to be a part of the recruiting process. Through the use of employee portals, companies can capture the passive job seeker market by taking the best employees and getting them to share with their networks. This increases the number of applications to an open position, as well as gains the attention of better candidates. Employee referral programs have become a powerful tool to help small businesses compete for talent.

With the new VIVAHR employee portal, Employers can specify email domains and give employees access to shared employee dashboards allowing for complete visibility within the hiring process. From here, current employees can view all of the organization’s current job openings and either apply themselves or share the job listings across their social media platforms to family and friends. Employers can then track a position’s shares and referrals, and employees can receive credit from anyone who applies through their shared links.

“We have always committed to building a tool to aggressively help small businesses overcome their hiring challenges,” said Ryan Naylor, Founder, and CEO of VIVAHR. “This new feature gives small businesses more recruiting power during this tight labor market.”

The new feature is available now for pro membership tiers, as well as to add on to any tier. For more information, please visit VIVAHR can also be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Ryan Naylor, VIVAHR is a hiring platform built to help small businesses hire the best candidates in the quickest amount of time. VIVAHR is not just another applicant tracking system, but instead a recruitment marketing platform. With one click, employers can post open positions to all the free job posting sites. VIVAHR also helps employers to create a unique culture profile page for each job opening, which leads to better and increased candidate engagement. Tell the right hiring story with the right tools, and get on track to hiring great employees.

Evan Sneider
Red Rooster PR