FullThrottle Announces Launch of Audience Flume to Offer Turnkey Access to Novel First-Party Data

New open-source API-based solution facilitates industry-wide interoperability of first-party data

West Chester, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FullThrottle Technologies, LLC, an end-to-end privacy-compliant first-party data platform that helps marketers identify and target audiences and measure results, today announced the launch of Audience Flume, an open, API-based first-party data solution. An innovative ad tech solution for the future of the open web, Audience Flume allows any brand, agency or media partner to operate FullThrottle technology to power their own modern first-party addressability solution.

As leading tech companies like Apple and Google phase out their support for third-party cookies, brands and advertisers must rely on first-party data sources and supporting technologies in order to ensure effective targeting and measurement. FullThrottle’s new API-based solution allows organizations to generate novel first-party data, create audiences and establish downstream processes on top of an open addressability framework, built to succeed in a cookieless marketing environment. Brand and agency users can easily query their first-party household-level data sets from FullThrottle, push those audiences to their network of media and measurement platforms, and deploy informed high-quality, privacy-compliant campaign tactics including targeting, measurement and attribution.

“As many media and advertising companies move towards walled gardens and incompatibility, FullThrottle has made the conscious decision to lead the industry instead towards open resources and interoperability,” said Amol Waishampayan, chief product officer at FullThrottle. “Audience Flume will provide all interested users with access to exceptional first-party data resources, making it possible for brands and agencies to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns even as third-party data sources lose their effectiveness. We believe that open-source data and technology will play an essential role in the next generation of ad tech solutions.”

FullThrottle’s open-source, first-party data resources enable democratic access to a vital resource for targeting and measurement of multichannel advertising campaigns. According to the State of Data Report 2022 from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Ipsos, less than half (45%) of publishers are collecting enough first-party data for audience marketing. Audience Flume, a fully transparent and open resource for advertisers and media partners alike, will allow companies with insufficient first-party resources to bridge the gap in the transition away from third-party cookies.

About FullThrottle

FullThrottle is an end-to-end, first party data platform that facilitates identification, marketing, and measurement of audiences across all mediums. Powered by Advanced AI, FullThrottle customizes data-driven retail solutions for agencies, media companies, and brands. For more information, visit https://www.fullthrottle.ai/.


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