New Wearable Continuous Heart Rate Monitor With Real Time Alerts – Frontier X2 Launched by Fourth Frontier

London, Oct. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- London, England -

Trailblazing global health tech company Fourth Frontier is urging fitness enthusiasts and other health-conscious individuals to explore the many innovative features of its flagship product, the world’s first smart heart monitor, the Frontier X2. For more information visit:

Smartwatches that are equipped with ECG sensors are often sold with lofty promises. They claim that they allow wearers to continuously monitor their heart rate, especially during strenuous activities such as exercise. However, according to Fourth Frontier, the rudimentary sensors packed into many smartwatches can only effectively capture a person’s ECG when they are still for at least 30 seconds. This means that smartwatches such as handheld ECG devices, are unable to capture the wearer’s vitals during exercise, cannot capture a continuous ECG, and cannot measure heart strain.

Wearable Continuous Heart Rate Monitor

With the release of the Frontier X2, Fourth Frontier set out to differentiate the product from other heart monitoring devices by upending the paradigm on how heart activity should be monitored. For starters, the Frontier X2 is attached to a strap that must be worn around the chest. This allows the device to get much more accurate readings and unlocks the potential to measure heart health indicators that just cannot be measured from a handheld or wrist-mounted device. The Frontier X2 can accurately, and with great precision, measure all the data that one needs to get the complete picture of one’s heart health. For more details on the heart rate monitor visit:

Smartwatches are productivity devices. Their health monitoring capabilities are often tacked on as an afterthought. The cannot capture a lot of the data that needs to be collected and measured. Smartwatches fail to assess if the users heart health is improving. The limiting form factor of handheld ECG devices and smartwatches with ECG sensors doesn’t allow that. The Frontier X2 was designed for those who are serious about their heart health and need all the information they can get to make real progress towards improving their heart health. The smart device also has supplemental quality-of-life features that make the experience of using it feel just as intuitive and seamless as any high-tech smart wearable.

The Frontier X2 uses Bluetooth 5.0 for three times the speed of data transfer over a greater range. It has been built to be sweatproof and waterproof for up to 1.5 metres. The battery supports up to 24 hours of continuous use. The device is also lightweight and snaps onto the easy-to-wear chest belt effortlessly. It also provides vibrating alerts if the wearer is straining their heart too much. To simplify interactions, the user interface is a single blue button that is used for all key actions.

Many of the testimonials for the Frontier X2 note that they appreciate its distraction-free design which also dramatically improves safety. Runners and cyclists say that they can pay attention to the vibrating alerts of the Frontier X2 and course-correct without losing their focus on the road.

The Frontier X2 also uses the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology protocol to sync heart rate data in real time with third-party devices. The current list of Frontier X2 integrations includes devices from brands such as Apple, Garmin, Peloton, Polar, and Zwift. The use of the BLE protocol also means that it can do so without straining its battery life. This gives the wearer a lot of choices on which device and app they want their data to be synced with.

The Frontier X2 has apps available for iOS, Apple Watch, and Android phones. Readers are urged to visit the company’s website at to find out more about the device.


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