Emodo launches Adapt as a First-to-Market Innovation to Reimagine Native Advertising for Brands and Publishers

Emodo revamps brand to focus on rich and memorable advertising experiences through its global ad exchange

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Emodo, the intelligent exchange creating more memorable connections through personal, relevant and rewarding advertising experiences, today announced the launch of Adapt, a rich and dynamically-optimized native ad offering that drives increased engagement and higher impact for brands and advertisers. This ad offering is transforming the next era of programmatic advertising by enabling personalized storytelling and sustainable KPIs.

“With its one-size-fits-all approach, standard native advertising is no longer enough for advertisers and brands,” said Tom Anderson, Chief Marketplace Development Officer at Emodo. “Our innovative advanced native offering brings a richer and smarter approach to advertising, presenting brands with a dynamic, attention-grabbing ad format to drive engagement and performance, and publishers with a new revenue opportunity through an exclusive, differentiated ad format, as well as a better user experience that aligns with their website’s context and aesthetic.”

Adapt native ads are built via Emodo’s creative rendering engine, which has the ability to layer on various effects including loading, image, text, call-to-actions, layouts and styling to create limitless permutations of an ad unit. Emodo then leverages its artificial intelligence-powered dynamic optimizer to understand the most optimal features and generate captivating designs for publishers and their audiences. This cutting edge technology unlocks new capabilities for creative testing and performance at scale that are not available in traditional native formats.

In support of its Adapt launch, today, Emodo has also released brand-new survey data on consumer affinity for native advertisements. The survey included standard display, standard native and Adapt native ads across three different publishers’ pages, and used eye-tracking to understand engagement with the various different ad formats. Findings include:

  • Across three campaigns tested, whenever viewable, the Adapt unit drove statistically significantly more Attention as compared to any other unit tested, at the 95% confidence interval, holding campaign, publisher, unit size, audience, and everything else constant.
  • For an automotive campaign, Adapt drove 13% higher Message Association as compared to either a standard Display or a standard Native unit
  • Adapt drove an 71% higher lift in Message Association as compared to Static Native for a Discount Clothing Retailer.
  • For a CPG campaign, Emodo's unit drove 17% higher attention (time spent via eye-tracking) as compared to standard Display, and 11% higher attention as compared to standard Native.

“Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snap have proven that highly optimized native executions are impactful but have, until now, only been available behind their walls,” continued Anderson. “By bringing our future-proof innovations to the market, we are elevating the opportunities for advertisers beyond the walled gardens and staying ahead of the curve.”

In an effort to double down on more impactful advertising, Emodo has also refreshed its brand mission and focus: to build more memorable connections through its global exchange, making advertising more impactful for brands and profitable for publishers. Emodo leverages rich, dynamic creative experiences, such as Adapt, augmented reality, and shoppable ads, to help advertisers capture attention and build brand love. This, paired with ID-independent targeting and better science, fuels personalization and drives performance.

“As we look toward the future, our intention in this next era of Emodo is to bring richer, more sophisticated approaches to personalized advertising experiences,” added Alistair Goodman, CEO of Emodo. “In this transformative time for the programmatic industry, we’re striving to facilitate memorable connections between consumers and the brands they love through everything we do.”

About Emodo
Emodo helps advertisers and publishers create memorable connections with consumers through more relevant, rewarding and impactful advertising. Its intelligent exchange puts creative first, enabling advertisers to build brand love through rich, dynamic advertising experiences informed by the latest AI and a deep understanding of consumer sentiment. Emodo Adapt, an exclusive advanced native ad format, outperforms alternative programmatic solutions through a better approach to contextual relevance, creative personalization and KPI optimization. As an Ericsson company, Emodo benefits from a wide range of research, innovation, and access to mobile operators that helps it deliver better outcomes to clients and make the unimaginable possible.

Emodo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson, which enables communications service providers and enterprises to capture the full value of connectivity. It is designed to help customers go digital, increase efficiency and find new revenue streams. Ericsson's innovation investments have delivered the benefits of mobility and mobile broadband to billions of people globally. To learn more, visit www.emodoinc.com

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