ePac Flexible Packaging Makes “Longer” Run Digital Packaging a Reality

Company to leverage extensive worldwide network to increase crossover point between digital and conventional printers

Austin, Texas USA, Oct. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ePac Flexible Packaging, the industry leader in quick turn, short and medium run-length flexible packaging, is expanding its offering to include long run orders for brands of all sizes, while continuing to serve its SMB core customer base.

The point at which the run length of a job makes it more cost effective to use conventional vs. digital printing is known as the crossover point. This, and factors such as lead times, plates, freight, and inventory obsolescence costs combine to determine when a job is best run digitally. Increasing this crossover point is where the company has been focused.

ePac has been steadily building its infrastructure to increase the run length of jobs that are cost effectively produced on its fleet of over 50 HP Indigo digital presses located across the globe. The company has developed its own job management system to seamlessly move, or split, longer run jobs to the locations best suited for a particular job, while maintaining lead times of 5-10 business days for rollstock and 10-15 days for finished pouches and maintaining color consistency among all devices. As recently announced by HP Indigo, ePac has ordered another 50 presses which together with the company’s existing 58 presses bring the total fleet to over 100.

According to Parag Patel, ePac’s President of Global Services: “We have tremendous relationships with our suppliers, all of whom have helped us expand globally, add capacity, and be creative in assisting us to find ways to increase our addressable market.” 

About ePac Flexible Packaging 

Founded in 2016 with a mission to help brands of all sizes grow, ePac has 25 locations across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region. Each ePac location is committed to the community it serves, supporting local and national brands. ePac offers a full complement of sustainable film options, while its print technology platform is carbon-neutral and inherently eco-friendly. Further, the company offers true order to demand capability, helping brands reduce inventory and obsolescence.

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ePac Flexible Packaging Makes “Longer” Run Digital Packaging a Reality

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