Xctualyfe – Singapore's Very First Home-Grown Metaverse Platform

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Xctualyfe Metaverse

SINGAPORE, Oct. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the 3rd of October, Xctuality proudly announced the launch of Xctualyfe, Singapore's first home-grown Metaverse platform. Users can connect from around the world, interact and have fun together in uniquely designed and well-thought-out virtual environments.

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For the past two and a half years of Xctualyfe's development, the platform’s virtual experiences have shown to present their capabilities and artistic style. Early 2022, Xctuality showcased local Kampong Glam with snapshots featured on Channel NewsAsia sporting the Xctualyfe design and can be navigated using virtual reality (VR). Thereafter, a series of projects was launched and with the most significant being an entire virtual world developed dedicated to Singapore's National Day Parade (NDP).

Xctualyfe Metaverse

During the NDP event, users had the opportunity to play bespoke games associated with actual NDP events like the Black Knights and the Red Lions. Users socialized in a virtual theme park decorated with digitally recreated iconic local landmarks like the Toa Payoh Dragon Playground. The key event highlight was the premiere of the phygital (physical and digital) encounter. Digital coins earned were redeemable for merchandise dispensed from physical vending machines in Singapore. A Metaverse interaction that’s the first in Southeast Asia, and well-understood by SMEs.

Watch the Vending Machines in Xctualyfe phygital Experience video https://youtu.be/KhPIuaUscmY

Users can now register and visit a variety of virtual worlds in Xctualyfe, including the NDP experience, to socialize and earn rewards. Among a series of games launched, the “Obstacle Course” enables users to compete among one another in a floating ninja warrior-style course to race towards the finishing mark within a time limit. For gamers, who seek a milder-paced enjoyable engagement, there are parkour activities under the neon night city of Mainstreet with a treasure hunt focus of mystery boxes that contain digital tokens - soon to be available to purchase in-world items.

Additionally, Xctualyfe users can host up to twenty friends in personal virtual homes called Lyfespace to communicate and mingle. Even after a user logs out, their avatars will continue to appear in the virtual home. An innovative feature within Xctualyfe developed in-house by Xctuality.

 Xctualyfe Metaverse

With further gamified features and activities awaiting to be developed and activated, Xctualyfe looks ahead to innovate and create an exciting Metaverse platform that bridges communities around the globe. Other notable creations in the pipeline include non-fungible token (NFTs) where ownership of virtual items is pegged individually with immediate utility and tangible value; businesses can create digital environments to engage consumers with several other engagements that will be communicated in due time. With Xctualyfe’s progressive developments, the final objective will result in having both consumers and businesses being powerfully integrated into the next evolution of social networking experience.

You can join the Xctualyfe Metaverse here https://xctualyfe.com

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