Life-Changing Fem-Tech Device Expands Beyond Stress Incontinence

Non-Surgical, Non-Intrusive e-Stim Shows Promise for Urge Incontinence

Monroe, Connecticut, UNITED STATES

MONROE, Conn., Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elidah (, a femtech medical device startup, is excited that preliminary studies have shown that ELITONE® (, the first non-surgical, external treatment for pelvic floor disorders, is effective for both urge and stress urinary incontinence. After a recent 6-week trial, urge incontinence episodes were reduced by more than two thirds with a majority of subjects achieving a clinically significant reduction.

One in three women suffer from pelvic floor disorders, which can cause issues including embarrassing leaks, known as incontinence. Pelvic floor muscles need regular exercise, but it can be hard to do this correctly and frequently enough to get desired results. ELITONE is a pelvic floor treatment that delivers therapeutic stimulation and performs pelvic floor exercises for you, but longer and stronger than you can on your own. ELITONE’s patented design maximizes comfort and efficacy, while being discreet and wearable under clothes, for the perfect stress incontinence pelvic floor therapy. ELITONE-URGE works the same way as the original stress incontinence device, but is targeted for those women who suffer from urge incontinence. 

Because incontinence impacts half of all women in the world over 50, it is critical to have available treatments that don’t interfere with other medications women may need to take as they age. As today is World Menopause Day, it is important to understand that menopause can contribute to and worsen leaky bladders. Unfortunately, most of the pharmaceutical options available to combat overactive bladder or urge incontinence are associated with long-term cognitive decline. There is also increasing evidence that some of these drugs can enter the central nervous system and high concentrations have even been linked to dementia and/or an increased risk of mortality. These drugs are also now listed on the BEERS list of medications as very high risk for increased incidence of falls and fractures amongst the elderly.  

“Female incontinence is such a prevalent issue, and yet those who struggle with it often choose to do so in secrecy because of stigma and the perception that available treatments only include surgery, potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals, or vaginal devices,” explains Gloria Kolb, CEO and Co-Founder of Elidah. “Having options that are safe and effective is truly a life changer for women. We are thrilled that the results of the preliminary 6-week trial have shown ELITONE-URGE to be an easy, convenient solution for women with urge incontinence and we look forward to the final results of our current clinical study.”

The clinical study compares two variations of the urge waveform output. A successful outcome will add an additional device to the ELITONE portfolio, providing a proven treatment for women whether they suffer from stress or urge incontinence. The ELITONE-URGE is not yet cleared by the FDA. 

Elidah, maker of ELITONE, holds several patents on this FDA-cleared revolutionary device and maintains ISO 13485:2016 certification as a medical device manufacturer. Elidah is a woman-owned medical device company based in Connecticut, USA, largely funded by the National Science Foundation. Since 2014, Elidah has been working closely with medical professionals across the USA to deliver clinically effective solutions that help improve women’s lives.  With ELITONE, we’re proud to offer a safe, effective, wearable treatment that we’ve given to our own moms, and used ourselves to Live Life Leak Free®. It is Elidah’s mission and joy to help as many women as possible with our technology to improve their health in a life-changing way.

Tammy Marino