Corbion highlights solutions that “Preserve what matters” at Gulfood Manufacturing 2022


Ingredients leader showcases how much more today’s advanced preservative solutions can deliver beyond food safety and shelf life.

Well-known for its leadership in the global market for lactic acid and its derivatives, as well as for its expertise in food preservation, Corbion will promote a much wider array of nature-based preservation solutions that includes vinegars, ferments and plant-based antioxidants at Gulfood Manufacturing, 8-10 November at the Dubai World Trade Center. Attendees who visit the Corbion booth (Hall 8, Stand H8-4) will learn how the company’s approach to food preservation extends well beyond effective pathogen and spoilage control to protect other important aspects of product quality and performance.

“Food manufacturers have too often found that ensuring adequate safety and shelf life in their products leads to compromises in certain aspects of quality or product performance,” said Dr Mostafa Karzazi, Corbion’s Director of Sales for Western and Southern Europe. “But Corbion customers have been learning that those sacrifices aren’t necessary. This is why we talk about ‘preserving what matters,’ because there’s more to preservation than controlling pathogens and spoilage organisms. Cook yield, waste reduction and other performance factors also make a big difference to our customers’ businesses.”

Corbion takes this comprehensive approach to preservation in key categories across the food industry. In processed meats and refrigerated foods, this includes prolonging freshness and food safety, as well as reducing sodium content without sacrificing the functionality salt provides. In dairy applications, it encompasses both acidification and mineral fortification. In bakery, it covers all aspects and qualities of fresh-baked goods, including natural mold inhibition. In confectionery, it helps manufacturers achieve both the distinctive sourness they want and the product stability they need to be successful. In every industry segment, these solutions help reduce product and resource waste, creating more sustainable value chains.

In addition to the benefits these ingredient solutions provide, Corbion customers also get access to assistance from experienced technical staff and advanced predictive modeling tools that help identify and implement the right ingredient solutions quickly and effectively.

“Our customers know how important the color, taste and texture of their products are to the end consumer; those things influence whether there will be repeat purchases in the future,” Dr Karzazi added. “We look forward to talking with Gulfood attendees about how Corbion solutions can ensure they also achieve the cook yield, waste reduction and other performance factors that are so important to their businesses.”



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