FullThrottle Appoints Advertising Industry Leader Joy Baer to Board of Directors to Guide Next Stage of Rapid Growth

Former Strata & Freewheel leader to provide first-party data expertise as FullThrottle ascends to market leadership

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FullThrottle, an end-to-end privacy-compliant first-party data platform that helps marketers identify and target audiences and measure results, today announced the appointment of Joy Baer to the company’s board of directors. Bringing more than three decades of leadership in ad tech and first-party data, Baer will provide valuable counsel as FullThrottle drives adoption of its comprehensive first-party data platform. Baer previously held executive roles at Strata and FreeWheel, a Comcast Company, where she set high standards for technology development and revenue growth.

Joy Baer joins FullThrottle’s board of directors following her tenure as general manager of FreeWheel Advertisers, where she oversaw the development of the industry’s most advanced media buying and selling platforms. She previously served as Chief Operating Officer and then president of Strata, establishing strategic partnerships in order to drive client, revenue and technology growth. In 2004, Baer founded SpotBuySpot, a technology company supporting enterprise-scale software initiatives for Fortune 500 media companies. Following four years of annual EBITDA growth of more than 100%, SpotBuySpot was acquired by Comcast in 2007.

“We are thrilled to welcome Joy Baer to FullThrottle’s board of directors,” said David Regn, Chief Executive Officer at FullThrottle. “Joy’s track record in guiding media and advertising companies to sustained revenue growth and technology innovation is unmatched in our industry, and she is a perfect fit for our organization’s leadership as we work to scale FullThrottle’s exceptional first-party data platform.”

FullThrottle offers an end-to-end platform that enables brands and media companies to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns based on first-party data and artificial intelligence. FullThrottle recently announced the hire of five key executive leaders, accelerating the company’s growth and charting a path towards market leadership.

“I am very impressed with FullThrottle’s data platform and its superior ability to help brands, agencies and media companies solve for the challenges surrounding first-party data generation and activation.” said Joy Baer. “I am honored to be joining their board and look forward to working with the rest of FullThrottle’s board and leadership team to accelerate growth within this vibrant and dynamic market.”

About FullThrottle

FullThrottle is an end-to-end, first-party data platform that facilitates identification, marketing, and measurement of audiences across all mediums. Powered by Advanced AI, FullThrottle customizes data-driven retail solutions for agencies, media companies, and brands. For more information, visit https://www.fullthrottle.ai/.


Alexandra Levy