Co-working space adopts new smart-home technology from RYSE to increase comfort and energy efficiency

TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WorkPlace One, a company that provides co-working spaces and offices for remote workers and entrepreneurs, is the latest commercial client to be satisfied and impressed with RYSE SmartShade technology.

"I was immediately impressed with RYSE and their SmartShade device, as well as its software automation capabilities in providing energy savings and improving the comfort of our occupants,” said Operations Manager, Adrian Wong. “Our members have often complained about extreme heat gains due to the window shades being left open during the day. RYSE SmartShade is being installed in our windows, and automated to reduce solar heat gain, harvest daylight, and save energy while improving the overall comfort of our co-working companies."

SmartShade was created so customers could motorize their existing window shades, transforming them into something more convenient and comfortable. SmartShade can be controlled by a mobile app or the device on the shade. Installation takes less than five minutes and the device lifts window shades regardless of size or weight.

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RYSE Inc. is a global provider of technology that helps solve the problem of wasted energy in homes and buildings by simply automating window shades. Their solutions provide comfort and convenience to the masses and independent living to the growing aging population and the disabled. Learn more at


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