Seedsman and Jorge Cervantes Release Digital Book: We Grow Cannabis, A Free Guide to Cannabis Cultivation

Award-Winning Cannabis Cultivation Author Jorge Cervantes teams up with Seedsman for a Free, Comprehensive Digital Book on Home Growing

BARCELONA, Spain, Nov. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seedsman, an international seed bank, announced the release of a free digital book in partnership with Legendary cannabis cultivator George Van Patten AKA Jorge Cervantes.

"We Grow Cannabis is my comprehensive guide to cannabis cultivation that shares the traditional cannabis community's best introductory tips and practices," said George Van Patten, AKA Jorge Cervantes. "It is an honor to collaborate with Seedsman, to inspire readers to discover the magic of cannabis by making this information on cultivation as accessible as possible."

We Grow Cannabis is the first in a line of digital books that will be released this month on Seedsman's website. The 100-page digital book is a cohesive guide to growing cannabis indoors, accompanied by over 270 beautiful high-quality photographs, images, and well-written descriptive text. We Grow Cannabis provides beginner and advanced growers with an easy-to-follow, free-to-access collection of cultivation wisdom.

Jorge Cervantes is the nom de plume George Van Patten took to conceal his identity from 1983 to 2010. Van Patten wore black dreadlocks and a beret to cloak his public identity. The disguise allowed him to enter illegal cultivation circles. Starting his self-publishing career under the alias of Jorge Cervantes, he wrote Indoor Marijuana Horticulture which morphed into Marijuana Horticulture. Today the book is published in eight languages and has sold over a million copies worldwide.

"Jorge has been a guiding light for the cultivation community, and we are excited to amplify his skill for simplifying the complex nature of growing cannabis," said Tom Raikes of Seedsman. "In celebration of his legacy, we're offering the new e-book free. Jorge worked with our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gary Yates, to develop the first edition, and we hope to include more influential cultivators to contribute in upcoming editions.”

As a world-renowned indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cannabis cultivation expert and award-winning author, Cervantes is dedicated to helping growers from around the world cultivate higher yields and better quality cannabis with his books, videos and websites and

Cervantes and Seedsman plan to continue updating the information and practices described in the text with knowledge shared by the longstanding global cannabis-growing community. Be sure to get your copy of the We Grow Cannabis, available at

About Seedsman:
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