RYSE Offers Climate-Conscious Businesses an Efficient and Unique Way to Increase Comfort and Reduce Their Energy Bill

TORONTO, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bateman Mackay, a full-service mid-market Charted Public Accounting firm, is the latest commercial client to be satisfied and impressed with RYSE SmartShade technology.

"I immediately saw the benefits for a solution like SmartShade, not only in the general market but in our own office space. As the Managing Partner of a CPA Accounting firm, we own our office building, where we work and also lease office space,” said John Doma, owner of Bateman Mackay and investor in RYSE.

“We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve overall comfort in our working conditions. We have beautiful architectural windows facing the west; however, this gives rise to complaints of solar heat gain during the hot summer season causing discomfort for our tenants and fellow team members. We have installed tinted windows that were supposed to reduce the heat gain, however, the temperature variance continued. 

We're now excited to have SmartShades installed on our existing window shades, and automated to block solar heat gain and reduce discomfort for our tenants. We also expect benefits during the winter months in energy savings, thereby further reducing our carbon footprint. With these benefits, I have personally invested in RYSE."

SmartShade was created so customers could motorize their existing window shades, transforming them into something more convenient and comfortable. SmartShade can be controlled by a mobile app or the device on the shade. Installation takes less than five minutes, and the device lifts window shades regardless of size or weight.

For more information about SmartShade visit: https://www.helloryse.com/products/ryse-smartshade

About RYSE

RYSE Inc. is a global provider of technology that helps solve the problem of wasted energy in homes and buildings by simply automating window shades. Their solutions provide comfort and convenience to the masses and independent living to the growing aging population and the disabled. Learn more at https://www.helloryse.com/.

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