How A 27-Year-Old Toronto Tech Executive Is Helping Canadians Take The Pain Out Of Finding The Right Dentist

Tomas Henkenhaf’s passion project makes finding the right-fit dentist far less painful than a root canal

TORONTO, Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When people think about going to the dentist, “fun” isn’t the word that typically comes to mind. Whether it’s fear from a past negative experience, anxiety about costs, or frustration with finding the right dentist to meet their needs, many Canadians neglect going to the dentist, leading to negative long-term health repercussions. But one Toronto tech executive is out to change Canadians' perceptions of visiting the dentist by making it easier for them to find their right-fit care provider.

Meet Tomas Henkenhaf, Chief Marketing Officer of Lumens Dental Corp. The 27-year-old marketing and technology executive has a track record of successfully implementing complex marketing campaigns and technology solutions to solve clients’ most pressing challenges. As the CMO of Lumens Dental Corp., Henkenhaf saw an opportunity to bridge a gap in the dental industry with a mobile app called Dentli™.

Henkenhaf cites a couple of dental industry drivers as motivators behind the Dentli™ app. When the Canadian government announced the Canada Dental Benefit to help kids under 12 years old access dental care, Henkenhaf saw an opportunity to provide parents with an essential resource to assist them in finding the right dentist for their children—and for themselves. There are nearly 25,000 practicing dentists in Canada, finding the right one can be daunting.

With solving these challenges in mind, Henkenhaf created Dentli™, Canada’s only dental directory app that helps patients find the right dentist based on their individual location, wants, and treatment needs. While many patients may feel anxious about going to the dentist, the Dentli™ app removes one major barrier to care by giving them access to the information they need to make decisions about the best dental provider for their unique needs and to form positive dentist-patient relationships.

The 27-year-old hopes that by fostering meaningful, lasting relationships between dentist and patient, Canadians will be more likely to seek out oral care and, therefore, experience improved patient outcomes.

“Oral health shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be treated the same way we treat regular healthcare in Canada—as a right,” said Henkenhaf. “Every individual should have a chance to obtain the best treatments at an affordable rate or through a government-based program. Dentli™ is one way we’re advocating for Canadians in this space, empowering them to make more informed dental care decisions.”

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