Cox Media Group Calls on DISH to Begin Negotiating in Good Faith

CMG again urges DISH to return CMG’s stations to DISH customers, focus on negotiations toward a fair-market deal for the CMG stations, and stop issuing false and misleading statements

ATLANTA, Dec. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cox Media Group (CMG) today again called on DISH to return CMG’s TV stations to its platform and begin negotiating in good faith toward a fair-market deal. CMG is also demanding that DISH stop making false and misleading claims about the negotiations and CMG.

CMG’s statement comes just days after the company sent a cease-and-desist letter to DISH demanding that it retract and refrain from more misleading statements and claims.

“DISH’s latest statement, like the ones before it, is filled with false claims. DISH aims to distract because the truth is in plain sight. All DISH has to do to restore CMG’s stations to the air is accept the no-strings-attached extension proposal CMG made before DISH’s unilateral blackout,” said Paul Curran, EVP of TV for CMG.

“With respect to a renewal deal, we’re simply asking DISH to agree to the industry-standard provisions they’ve previously agreed to, and operated under with us, for many years,” Curran continued. ”That includes general terms and license fees consistent with the market and what DISH’s competitors have agreed to for the valuable news, sports and programming our stations provide to their customers. We once again call on DISH to restore CMG’s market-leading stations while CMG negotiates in good faith toward a contract renewal.”

In addressing specific new additional false claims made by DISH, CMG pointed out that it never sought to negotiate for stations it didn’t own. CMG also emphasized that it repeatedly asked for deadline extensions during the negotiation so that the two sides could continue discussions and keep CMG’s stations – and the programming DISH’s customers want – on the air. Those repeated requests were denied, and DISH ultimately pulled CMG’s stations off the air before CMG’s contract with DISH had even expired.

“We are once again calling on DISH to stop its compulsion to issue false claims and instead join us in reaching a resolution,” Curran said.

DISH customers who are frustrated by DISH’s latest stunt to deprive them of vital programming should switch TV providers now. All CMG stations are available on other major TV providers. DISH customers should contact DISH today at 1-800-333-3474 to make their voices heard and urge DISH to put CMG’s stations back on the air now.

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