Rev’s New Event-based Exegraphics Provide Powerful Timely Insights for Fueling B2B Sales

Sales and RevOps teams now have a greater selling advantage with more transparency into prospects and existing customers

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

San Diego, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rev, the AI-powered Sales Development Platform that helps B2B companies find their next best customers, announced today a new category of exegraphics called EV lenses. Exegraphics are key data points that convey how a company executes its mission. Rev’s new EV lenses are event-based exegraphics that inform sellers that a critical change has occurred with a prospect or existing customer, empowering sales and RevOps teams with time-sensitive insights and the ability to take action.

“With the dynamic nature of the current business and economic environment, it’s important that businesses have a current window into their prospects. Changes in a company’s hiring practices, recent layoffs, office closures, and funding events are critical pieces of information for sellers to evaluate and apply to their selling strategy,” said Jonathan Spier, CEO of Rev. “With our new EV lenses, our customers have a heightened level of visibility into targeted companies so they can make relevant and timely selling decisions.”

Rev’s Sales Development Platform is the only prospecting solution on the market that leverages artificial intelligence to understand the hidden characteristics of a company's best customers and identify other accounts that share those same traits. Coupled with the addition of EV lenses, Rev customers now receive triggered notifications when any exegraphic change occurs. These notifications can be customized to alert sales and RevOps teams of events that matter most, providing an unprecedented level of time-sensitive information about targeted prospects.

Rev’s EV lenses focus on department staffing, significant financial events, physical office changes and more. This means customers can easily monitor if their targets are hiring for specific organizational roles, indicating growth in certain departments such as IT, sales, marketing and product development. EV lenses also monitor if target accounts have acquired a new business, technology or received venture funding, which would also spur growth and the need for specific solutions.

“As a revenue growth agency, we’re already leveraging Rev’s exegraphics to help clients reveal the ‘hidden personality’ of their best current customers and to find other similar accounts to target. Now, with event-based exegraphics, we are able to further focus our clients’ GTM investments on accounts that are showing current triggers and behaviors, instead of waiting for lagging intent signals. For our clients, EV lenses are all about getting ahead of the competition instead of playing catch-up,” said Aaron Owens, RevOps Strategy Director at Intelligent Demand.

With Rev’s Sales Development Platform, revenue teams also have the ability to create custom exegraphic lenses. These custom lenses identify accounts that have specific attributes or behaviors that signal a prospect should be a high-priority target.

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