Dr. John Manzella Scholarship for Second Opportunities Still Accepting Applications

ALLENTOWN, Pa., Dec. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Dr. John Manzella Scholarship for Second Opportunities provides funding for students whose parents have been incarcerated. The scholarship is open for University and college students whose parents or guardians have previously been jailed. The scholarship is also available for high school students who would like to further their studies even though their parents have been imprisoned. The scholarship fund will be awarded to one lucky student based on the degree of need. All eligible students are requested to participate in an essay competition of not more than 1000 words answering the given question. You must have a parent or guardian who has spent time in prison, be a US citizen, be enrolled or planning to enroll in a certified university or college, and demonstrate financial need to be qualified to apply for the scholarship fund. The student who most deserves it will be carefully chosen based on the level of need. All students with parental incarceration are encouraged to apply for scholarships to help fund their schooling. When submitting applications, eligible students must include their correct names, an active phone number, name of high school and graduation date, GPA, name of university currently enrolled in, address, and a personal bio.

When a parent or guardian is incarcerated, a child's mental health, social behavior, and academic performance could all suffer. It might have a major effect on a student's opportunities for learning. The social stigma, emotional trauma, and financial hardships associated with a parent's or guardian's detainment may harm a child's life. While these children may be talented and eager to improve themselves, many are forced to abandon their ambitions due to lack of funds. Some are forced to work part-time or full-time to pay for their education and sustenance. Such children do not perform well in school because they have divided attention and no guardian or parent to assist them.   Dr. John Manzella recognizes the challenges that incarceration can bring. As a result, he is offering a scholarship program to students whose parents or guardians have been jailed to alleviate their financial hardships. Dr. Manzella wishes that the scholarship fund will raise awareness of the challenges that students whose parents are jailed face. He also truly wishes that the lucky winner of the funds will focus on their learning. He also hopes that the funds will expand the number of chances for needy students to benefit from financial assistance.

Dr. John Manzella is the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.com, as well as Topper Medical's Physician Liaison and Billing Professional. In 1995, he earned a doctorate from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, and in 2013, he received his Ph.D. in Health Care Management from the University of Rochville in Washington, DC. He is a successful businessman and physician. He has been named the smartest family doctor in diabetes by Medscape. He also was named one of the top 100 family physicians in the nation in 2011. He is board certified in pediatrics as well as internal medicine.He understands how challenging the educational process can be for students, particularly those whose guardians or parents are incarcerated. He wishes to alleviate their anxiety by offering his scholarship. All qualified applicants should visit Dr. John Manzella's authorized scholarship page for application instructions.


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