Ixana unveils the world's first Wi-R silicon chip to seamlessly communicate with touch

Ultra-low-power wireless chip equips wearables and Metaverse devices with all-day, real-time AI

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Ixana announced YR11, the world’s first high-speed Wi-R silicon chip ready for customer sampling. Wi-R provides smart devices with the ability to securely communicate with touch. A demonstration of a Wi-R-enabled headset will be exhibited at Booth 61305 (Eureka Park), Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas from 5-8 Jan 2023.

In a video released today, Ixana showcased several unique Wi-R capabilities and use cases:

  • Stream video all day to/from ultra-light Augmented Reality (AR) headsets
  • Securely pair mobile, smartwatch and wearables with just a touch
  • Enjoy music on reliable, pairing-free wireless headphones
  • Accurately track devices and assets with real-time AI alerts
  • Exchange contacts and files with a fist bump

To support system design and testing, the YR11 Evaluation Kit is now available for pre-order. An included YR11 USB-C smartphone plugin supports distributed computing with up to 1Mbit/s communication between devices. Higher speed (up to 20Mbit/s) Wi-R chips, especially for music/video streaming, AR, and Metaverse applications, are in the works.

Based on seven years of deep research at Purdue University, Wi-R is a wire-like next-generation wireless technology for body area network devices that uses electro-quasistatic field around you for private, high-speed, ultra-low energy data transfer. This combines the security and performance of wires with the convenience of wireless communication.

“Compared to Bluetooth, Wi-R offers 100X better energy efficiency,” said Shreyas Sen, CTO, Ixana. “Additionally, Wi-R boasts faster data rates, lower latency, and higher reliability with its interference robustness and low bit error rates. Wi-R is confined near the surface which leads to unique advantages in physical security, multi-node co-existence, touch detection, and communication”.

“Ixana will do for wearables and the Metaverse what Qualcomm did for mobile phones – introduce transformative capabilities with high-speed data and distributed computing, leading to accelerated adoption," said Angik Sarkar, CEO, Ixana.

Order the Wi-R Evaluation Kit and reference headset at ixana.ai. Contact Ixana to inquire about high-speed Wi-R and reference headset with a high-speed Wi-R chip.

About Ixana

Ixana is developing high-speed human-computer interfaces with all-day, real-time, distributed AI. Licensing Purdue University intellectual property through the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization, Ixana has developed Wi-R, a non-radiative communication technology for wearables.    


Press: hello@ixana.ai