New Partnership Uses Blockchain to Advance Credibility and Quality in Legal Cannabis, CBD Industries

Covalent CC LLC and Qredible® partner to provide essential trust and transparency solutions to the regulated cannabis and CBD spaces

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Covalent CC LLC (“Covalent”), a premium supplier of cannabinoids, is thrilled to announce it has entered a partnership with Qredible®, the cannabis industry’s first blockchain-backed digital registry and integrated network of validated and verified suppliers. For both companies, the partnership is a crucial step forward in achieving increased visibility in the legalized cannabis, CBD and hemp industries.

Covalent President and Founder Kelly Ann Bortman is enthusiastic about how this partnership will impact the industry. “We want to thank Qredible for coming to the marketplace with a verification process that will standardize the industry as a whole, from CBD to nutraceuticals,” Bortman said. “Qredible’s efforts ensure the end user receives the product and ingredients as advertised. Proper usage of products will be clearly stated. Full transparency is important to Covalent, and Qredible will deliver this necessary benefit.”

The partnership enables Covalent to better serve customers by verifying raw materials used in production. The Qredible collaboration will aid Covalent in maintaining strong business relationships, particularly with financial institutions. “Banks, for example, want to see a full panel certificate of analysis (COA) on raw materials and ingredients,” Bortman said. “Qredible’s blockchain-enforced vault provides a huge umbrella of comfort for financial institutions because they know what they’re reading hasn’t been altered.”

The end goal of the partnership is for every business and consumer in Covalent’s network to be in the Qredible system. "It's critical that all companies touching consumables, including all CBD, hemp and cannabis businesses, have access to this platform," said Bortman. "I look forward to the expansion and adoption of Qredible worldwide."

Qredible Chairman and CEO Brian Fitzpatrick is enthusiastic about the partnership. “Covalent has been a key partner, and they are among the first to leverage the power of Qredible’s Q-Trust

Platform,” Fitzpatrick said. “Covalent is hyperfocused on quality. They are doing everything they can to ensure their customers have full transparency in the relationship, making them an ideal partner for Qredible. We could not be more excited to have Covalent as a launch partner.”

The Covalent and Qredible partnership was launched on December 1 and became fully operational on January 1, 2023.

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