Premier Biomedical Inc. (OTC PINK: BIEI), now known as Nova Graphene Ballistics, Inc., Releases its Graphene Ballistic Plate Production Approach

Premier, N/K/A Nova Graphene Ballistics, Inc., commences development of this Proprietary Technology for Lightweight, Protective, Ballistic Plate Production with proprietary CarbonEra™ Graphene for Implementation with Novel 3D Printing Filaments in Knoxville

Knoxville, TN, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nova Graphene Ballistics, Inc. (OTC PINK: BIEI), (“pending the name change from “Premier Biomedical Inc.”), announces the following steps, in pursuit of its first initiative 3D-printed Graphene Ballistic Plate Production, including the prototype, with regard to novel graphene production. With the timing of completing each step to be reported shortly, some of the highlights are as follows:

• Novel 3D printing filaments. 

• Customized set-up & modifications to our high-temperature printers to enable optimized performance.

• Proprietary software to convert 3D body & equipment scans to printable ballistic plate files.

• Novel internal plate architecture.

• Marriage of the custom 3D-printed base plate with an integrated strike face (designed to tumble incoming rounds for efficient energy dispersion).

• Prototype delivery to DARPA, consistent with our white paper. 

 ”Our ultimate objective,” according to Paul Beasant, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ”is to manufacture graphene-enhanced materials and products for public consumption, such as custom printed sports & riding helmets. However, for now our efforts are focused on lightweight, protective, 3D-printed gear for military and law enforcement applications.”

Nova Graphene graphenes and novel additive formulations are integrated into the production processes of other products to make them stronger, harder, lighter, and more fire-resistant.

CEO Gabe Vlad reports: “The ballistic plate will also integrate with a local network of devices to provide power and data for all peripherals. My previous experience serving as CTO of Lightspeed in the context of a US Army proposal where power, data and light was provided as woven articles within the man-wearables for total integration of all electronic gear and armor will serve well in this new venture.”

See the following video, providing enlightening information on the history of protective armor:

The Company committed to a policy – no new convertible debt instruments. And in order to avoid issuing any significant amount of shares, it engaged in a holding company reorganization, as described below, so as to avoid any dilution whatsoever, to NovaGraphene Ballistics, Inc. from the historical debt instruments.

Stay tuned for the prototype delivery schedule to be announced and technology and development partnerships to be announced.

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Physical address: 2409 Sycamore Drive, Knoxville, TN   37921, a 12,000 sq ft light industrial facility.

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