Zendrive announces the addition of Progressive Insurance to its Insurance Qualification Lens (IQL) program

Zendrive’s IQL program enables millions of drivers to potentially earn discounts on their auto insurance for safe driving while unlocking new revenue streams for top consumer apps

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zendrive, a mission-driven company making roads safer with data and analytics, announced today that it is partnering with Progressive, one of the largest insurance carriers in the US and a leader in usage-based insurance (UBI), to expand its Insurance Qualification Lens (IQL) program. This addition to the program comes after Zendrive announced that it has expanded IQL’s reach to an additional 50M users in the US by joining forces with leading consumer apps. Today, Zendrive’s network of top apps includes MoneyLion, Coin, Pogo, and dozens of others.

Zendrive’s unique IQL program helps insurers offer personalized auto rates to safe drivers by embedding a driver safety SDK into leading consumer apps in fintech, home security, rewards, and driver safety categories. This unique ecosystem approach, with Zendrive’s Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform at the core, provides an avenue for insurers to extend personalized rates to safe drivers, consumer apps to unlock a steady stream of revenue and provide added value to their customers, and consumers to potentially receive personalized auto insurance savings based on their driving behavior.

“At Zendrive, we’re thrilled about extending our IQL program to millions of US consumers through our relationships with Progressive and consumer apps like MoneyLion, Pogo, and Coin, potentially rewarding users for their safe driving habits,” said Dennis Ellis, President of Zendrive.

“We're excited to work with Zendrive to continue to make it easier for consumers to participate in Progressive's UBI program Snapshot,” said Ed Graves, UBI Product Development Manager at Progressive. “By joining this program, Progressive will be able to find and reward safer drivers by allowing them to conveniently share their driving data from consumer apps they’re already using.”

The Zendrive-powered IQL program offers consumers unique opportunities to get rewarded for safe driving behavior by sharing their driving data. Consumers can opt into the program within seconds. Zendrive’s SDK— embedded in leading consumer apps — collects driving data in the background without requiring user intervention for a short test drive duration of at least 30 days.

By working with Progressive, Zendrive is readying its IQL program for a massive expansion in 2023. Consumer apps interested in developing a healthy revenue stream and potentially unlocking personalized savings for their users can participate in this program by reaching out to us at marketing@zendrive.com.

About Zendrive

Zendrive's mission is to make roads safer through data and analytics. Its award-winning Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform — powered by 200 billion miles of data gathered from 100s of millions of drivers across the globe — helps insurers understand and mitigate mobility risk, reducing the likelihood of collisions by 49%. The platform also helps insurers find and acquire preferred risk drivers through Zendrive's vast publisher network with access to hundreds of millions of users. With an engaging test drive experience, participating consumer applications deliver savings to their customers while also diversifying revenue streams. The company has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies and was recently included in the global Insurtech 100 list of most innovative companies.

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