How Data Leak at one of the major Crypto Exchange makes new way to Fraudsters – Solved by Swiss Security Solutions LLC

Schaffhauserstrasse 550. CH-8050 Zürich, Switzerland, Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- How Data Leak at one of the major Crypto Exchange makes a new way to Fraudsters – Solved by Swiss Security Solutions LLC. In the last few months, people (victims of crypto fraud and crypto scams) were contacted by fraudsters from U.S. and UK, and the fraudsters offered an Asset Recovery process knowing the Loss of the “Customer”, sometimes representing them as agents of Swiss Security Solutions LLC or our special department Blockchain Investigation Agency, which is another fraud. The price for Asset Recovery process offered was between USD 3500.- and USD 10 000.- After payment, the “Customer” can not reach agents anymore. A part of “Customers” contacted first our company, to verify the fraudulent callers and strange websites. They did not lose the money. Sometimes the same group of fraudsters requested access to a computer or laptop, with Team Viewer & Co, and after the “Customers” gave the access, the fraudsters would transfer the crypto and disappear. 

Swiss Security Solutions LLC and Blockchain Investigation Agency have analyzed data from the few last months they have from E-Mails received, and made a conclusion that there is no other way, that someone knows your Loss at the official crypto exchange, either is that Data Leak, Insider Job or is the same criminal organization that already committed fraud, which is less possible. 

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We strongly believe that the quality of information defines its value. In decision analysis, the value of information is the improvement in the outcomes of our actions that we would expect if we could reduce or eliminate uncertainty before making a decision. In some investigator and search firms, the initial consultation for your case is not free. We provide 30 minutes of free consultation only for complex cases. Our investigations are structured for cost-effectiveness. 

The typical retainer fee for investigators and detectives could be anywhere from CHF 1'000.- to CHF 50'000.- which depends on what kind of case you have and whom you have selected as your investigator. A private investigator's office retainer fee can be the initial down payment toward your total bill, or it can also be a type of reservation fee to reserve a private investigator's office exclusively for your services within a certain period of time.

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Swiss Security Solutions LLC has developed and improved a new digital platform for ordering Services and Solutions from our company - Securely Swiss, as well as the first web service for People Search and Person Finder in Switzerland -  Securely Swiss is a simplified ordering and booking system for problem solvers and solutions for any company, family office, UHNWI, HNWI, organization, and individual worldwide. Securely Swiss means 

For the standard (not crypto) Fraud and Scam Cases in Switzerland, we offer a digital solution for global worldwide customers Fraud Check Switzerland at 

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How Data Leak at one of the major Crypto Exchange makes new way to Fraudsters – Solved by Swiss Security Solutions LLC

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